A gourmet drink straight from the United States, the milk shake is easily prepared at home, whether or not you have a blender available. For this, simply mix fruit (strawberry, raspberry, banana, mango ...) with milk ("milk" in English) or ice cream (with vanilla, traditionally). Without milk, the milkshake becomes a "smoothie", just as delicious.

Gourmands will make their milkshake with Nutella or other spread. The original recipes of milkshakes are not lacking: choose from our recipes below to spend an unforgettable summer!

Milkshake fishing for 2 people

1 Remove the skin from the peaches, put the 2 bags of vanilla sugar, put the 2 yogurts of 125 g, add 700 ml of milk, mix a little, and voila!

Milkshake light strawberry

same ingredients and 125 g strawberries

1 Strawberries: clean and cut in half.

2 Mix the ingredients in the bowl of the robot and let's go .... mix until you get some mousse.

3 Pour without waiting in large glasses and sip your delicious milk shake with a straw

This dessert brings only 98 calories per person, why not use it ....

Raspberry Milkshake

Frozen raspberries

4 mint leaves

1 tablespoon powdered sugar (shaved)

1 Put in a blender a glass of raspberry chips for about three glasses of milk. Add some mint leaves and sugar to taste according to your taste.

2 Turn on the blender for a few seconds.

You get a delicious frozen milkshake (raspberries are frozen) and light because it does not contain ice. Ideal for summer ...

Yogurt and vanilla milkshake

Ingredients / for 2 people

2 sweet yogurts

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

Cocoa powder or chocola vermicelli

Mix the plain yogurts, vanilla sugar and two scoops of vanilla ice until the mixture is sparkling .

2 Pour the milkshake into two glasses, sprinkle with cocoa powder or chocolate vermicelli.

Ice coffee

Ingredients for 4 persons

a rest of coffee put in the refrigerator (about 20 cl)

4 scoops vanilla ice cream about 20 cl unsweetened condensed milk (liquid)

5 cl of milk

1 sachet of vanilla sugar

6 ice cubes


1 Put in a good blender condensed milk, milk, ice cubes, cooled coffee and vanilla sugar. settle until the mixture forms only foam (or almost). Attention it must inflate very quickly.

3 Arrange the glasses and introduce a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

4 Put in the glasses the mixed mixture.

5 Add whipped cream above.

Serve with a straw immediately. And enjoy without waiting. Enjoy ... under an umbrella by the pool or at the beach, in your bungalow away from the rays of the sun while waiting for the evening freshness...

Marie-Chantal de Verneuil for DayNewsWorld