The fashion is at snacking, my friend told me! So be it!

For four people you will make a grilled cheese sandwich, a toast lawyer at the Cyril Lignac, and then croissants with camembert.

-a packet of bread toast


-a packet of cheddar slices

-two lawyers



-Espelette pepper

-four croissants

-a Camembert

For the grilled cheese sandwich

Heat a frying pan and add a knob of butter, add four slices of toast, put on each slice of cheddar and cover with toast. Grill two minutes on each side and serve hot. Put the toasts in a nice silver dish and live at the table.

For the avocado toast

Toast four loaves of bread and place them in four small plates. Remove the avocado skin and cut in half, removing the stones. Take half of each avocado, cut into strips and crush each toast. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with Espelette pepper.

For camembert croissants

Cut croissants in half lengthwise. Heat your thermostat oven seven then put on grill position. Cut thin strips of camembert and stuff the crescents with bake on a plate protected by a sheet of aluminum foil. Put them in the oven for two minutes and they are ready to put on a nice porcelain dish and at the table.

You can accompany your snacking with either squeezed orange juice, a good tea or an excellent champagne.

Marie-Chantal de  Verneuil for DayNewsWorld