The winter has arrived it is not for all that we must forget to pamper his face.

The epidermis of our skin is more weakened during the winter because of the temperature drops. In addition we arrive at parties and generally we do more food excess.

The skin with the cold undergoes aggressions that imply dryness, redness, sensitivity.

First, you must always remove your makeup.

So let's change our habits!

We give up our Micellar water.

We replace it with a cleansing milk or a cleansing oil simply because it is a little fatter.


Progressive Carita, very pleasant, foam so I advise you to apply it by performing small circles with the fingertips: a real small massage!

There is also the extraordinary L'Oréal oil which is at the same time a milk.

The cleansing milk with argan oil is nice we tested for you the brand

The Petit Olivier with pleasant scents. Try to do a little scrub once a week.

Do it after your bath or shower because water vapor and heat dissolve the lipid film protecting the epidermis. You have the fresh scrub from Nivea, exfoliant scrub from Evoluderm.

Then once the scrub done, make a good hydrating mask. This will boost your blood microcirculation. Put it in a light massage.

This will allow your skin to regain elasticity. There is a top in pharmacy is the soothing mask moisturizing Avene, it all skin can use it is antiallergic.

At Nuxe we find the moisturizing fresh mask that has a multi-active relaxation treatment.

After all this cocooning do not forget to put a very moisturizing cream because the cold abyss our skin. If you have the habit of putting serum put a drop in your day or night cream.

The cream is put in the morning and evening before going to bed.

Above all, do not forget the one before going to bed because this is where the skin regenerates itself. The Clarins Multi Regenerating Day Cream is fine.

The clinic Moisture Serge has the advantage of being able to be used in the morning and in the evening. Let's also find the famous cream Nivea blue box, but we can also find at Nivea creams less greasy like Nivea Soft .

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld