Little sweet word for my buttocks of my love handles of my coated thighs.

Winter is over and here I see the time when I will have to put myself in a swimsuit.

Certainly this year is the fashion of one-piece swimsuits. So I can stay there and continue to eat my morning croissants my cakes 2 hours and my little chocolate in the evening in front of the television without forgetting my coke and chips.

But no ! I decided to come and dislodge the fat and fight these few extra pounds! Yes I will put my little swimsuit and the little flowered skirt last year that went so well and we have a whole where we can not even close the closing. My physiotherapist calls this the test garment.

Yes, here we go, here are some tips.

First Mr. Belly Myths Buttocks Hand Grips And Thighs you will no longer receive your daily dose the bad food. We are going to forget all the fatty foods all the biscuits all the junk we are taking. We will write and make a list of what is not good for our organization.

Once the list is written we will hang it over our sink in the bathroom like that every time we wash our teeth we see it, take a picture and put it in the background. Why on our phone because we will always have the list before our eyes the list of foods to ban.

We will do a month of detox.

Personally I'm going on the detox month, I'm Rocky control kilo.

Arrived in summer there is always in pharmacy full of products to help you refine. You can take draining products like Anaca 3 Drainer. Or the latest fashion burner is from Forte Pharma the Xtra Slim 700 there is the famous Konjac plant and you will have the right to a little book coach.

Here are the meals to follow for a month.

We eliminate all that is starchy cheese oil butter fresh cream bread.

For the morning snack an elongated coffee or tea without sugar and two rusks with a little jam.

For lunch choose white meat fish cooked without fat or two boiled eggs. Accompaniment of all the vegetables that one wants and the quantity that one needs to be satiated but especially with a cooking steam.

For dessert a fruit.

For dinner dinner will be only vegetables with a yoghurt at 0%.

If during the day we feel a little hollow we have the right to eat green apple a handful of almonds.

By cons the important and SECRET is to drink a glass of water every hour but not any water that we will manufacture.

You will buy a cucumber and fresh mint leaves. Remove the skin of the cucumbers cut in small strips clean the mint and put all in a glass bottle with water in the fridge let infuse a few hours and recover this water this mixture is valid for two days.
Thanks to my water I see my little can melt and my love handles disappear do not worry and my thighs will follow the same path.
I say goodbye and go in September to round up again.
As soon as I can I walk for half an hour at least walking a day and every time we walk our mind think I'm carving my new silhouette.
I leave you I will choose my two-piece jersey !!!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld