You want to have pretty nails, no mystery, you have to maintain them. After the manicure of the feet it is the turn of the one of the hand. At home, 4 stages are enough to obtain perfect nails.

1 ° It is the moment to use its file to give a rounded or square aspect.

The trick?

File always remaining parallel to the nails and do not go back and forth.to not damage the keratin.

2 ° For square nails, lightly file on the side to round.

For a more rounded finish, this time, we must linger on the edges to accentuate the curve.

In a solution based on repairing or moisturizing oil, the fingertips are plunged to soften the cuticles before repelling them with a boxwood stick.

3 ° It is also the moment to take a polisher, one smooths the surface of the nails to make them shine and facilitate the application of the varnish.

4 ° Finally we apply a varnish base coat to protect and strengthen the nails.

A beautiful manicure is a sign of health and elegance.

Once the manicure is over, we can finally give way to his creativity and apply the varnish of his choice.

In summer, we prefer pastel and flashy tones (coral, lagoon blue or water green). In winter, we calm the game with more discreet colors (nude, burgundy, gray, bottle green ...).

Natural products enthusiasts can now opt for varnishes whose formulas contain less chemical components (the latter have been replaced by potato starch, corn ...), reputed to be more respectful of the nail. .

And to be "beauty trend of the summer", we adopt the manicure of this spring-summer which comes in multicolored colors:

the rainbow manicure. It is furious across the Atlantic. Two trends: one that mixes parma, khaki, navy blue and sunflower yellow, and one that opts for a more subtle gradient, made in a shades of shades.

The nail artist Betina Goldstein, American jewelry designer, has declined her art on the nails of Amber Valletta, Brie Larson and Anne Hathaway. On Instagram, she publishes daily her nail creations....

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld