At the vegetarian vegetarian vegan time we can ask ourselves make-up or not make-up such is the question?

Logically maybe we should stay natural without making up. like the stars.

On Instagram, celebrities show their faces naturally.

This is how we see Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Laury Thilleman, Blake Lively, Cindy Crawford ...

But be careful there is natural and natural.

That is to say, ok for the natural but always having well-drawn eyebrows, absolutely remove the mustache between the nose and the lip for the brunettes because the brunettes do not count for plums.

It's gone Mia and her girlfriends are natural.

First benefit we gain half an hour of sleep, life without makeup is too good.

We no longer need to be careful when we put on our red blouse and for some reason we decide to put on a white blouse plus trace of make-up on the awesome necks no.

Small detail we lose ten minutes to tell us in front of the mirror mirror tell me who is the most beautiful, he replied that it is forcing us otherwise without makeup we are more natural, we love ourselves naturally.

We are also convinced that men like women without makeup it's true the fatal red on the lips it's a little cliché nowadays!

We are revolutionary why Sephora and Marionnaud and all these brands Chanel Yves Saint Laurent continue to advertise us for makeup abba make-up.

Then a week passes after this new revolution we give ourselves all appointment for a brunch: yes to the make-up or not?

Results of the races personally when I arrived at the office without make-up my colleague asked me if I had a gastro because I was so white ...

I told him no, I just did not put powder.

She answered me kindly take mine because really you scare me to see.
There the girlfriends laughed.

Another told us about her date without a make-up. The future ex at dinner asked her four times if she was cold.

Then, going to the bathroom, she noticed that her lips were purple by the tannin of the wine.
Daniela immediately spoke saying me worse than you girls.

I was in the office with my boss who asked me if I did not have a food allergy. I asked him why he answered me because you have pimples on the forehead.

And yes in the feminine period I hide them with beige buttons cache plus baby cream on it is operation camouflage.

From where I told him that it must be sushi !!

From where we notice by discussing that we are maybe Vegan mode, gluten free but we are at the Make-Up. We are all working girls who love makeup.
And here I notice that we are Sunday and we are all makeup. There, Clotilde throws us girls that tells you a trip Sephora.
A Yes sounds ... Long live the Make-Up.
Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld