The new trend is the shag hairstyle.

Straight landed in the 1970s, the hairstyle "shag" is on everyone's head.

If early in the year the "long bob" and the triple buns were among the most popular hairstyles of 2019 it has been supplanted by the cut "shag".

What does this word mean?

It is the diminutive of the English term "shaggy" which means "in battle", "hirsute" or "bushy".

This hairstyle was created by a hairdresser named Paul McGregor in the 1970s, it is characterized by different lengths that frame the face with the base of this hairstyle gradient.

A hairstyle that is often worn in the middle with a curtain fringe. Do you know of another hairstyle that is so flippant and so easy to make?

Because yes, this hair-tousled does not ask to drag on in his bathroom in the morning. On the contrary.

Obviously the curly manes are really advantageous!

But it can also be worn on smooth hair previously ruffled with a Spray volume.

His little casual side, a bit bohemian, a bit wild plunges us into the years Hippie.

A hairstyle for an undeniable beauty adopted happily by the English model Alexa Chung, superga solar, or Natasha Lyonne the heroine of Netflix series "Russian Doll".

Come on, it's up to you to play the muses !!!

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld