Cleopatra swore by castor oil or "Beaver oil" . Why ?

Its virtues for the skin and the nails, a beautiful fringe of eyelashes and a line of eyebrows naturally provided this oil is unavoidable.

And for your brittle hair, rough by the effect of the sun, salt of the sea - yes the holidays are fading! - a wonder !

Castor oil ?

The castor is a plant whose quills of red or green fruits shelter seeds rich in oil.

Pressed cold, the seeds release a liquid with a particularly viscous density and with softening, healing and purifying virtues.

You understand now why she can only beautify your mane.

In mask:

Apply on your dry, forked and dull hair generously castor oil and wait a half hour before washing them thoroughly. Your hair will be regenerated, beautiful, brilliant to make your friends pale.

In serum:

Every night you put them gently on your eyelashes, which will be longer and longer.

On your nails too.

Castor oil mixed with other oils

Why not combine it with other essential or vegetable oils.

With coconut oil or argan oil, it boosts its benefits on our mane.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld.