On the market the fruit of the moment is watermelon.
So as dessert you will make a watermelon granita.
This freshness is planned for four people with a preparation time of 10 minutes must provide an hour for rest.

For that take a watermelon without glitch it's easier.
a lime
eight mint leaves
four tablespoons cane sugar
800gr of watermelon

Take a large salad bowl cut watermelon roughly keep its juice well. Then add the lemon juice, the cane sugar, the chopped mint leaves.
Mix gently.

Divide into four whiskey glasses made with the green skin of the pumpkin streamers (to be done with a scallop) that you have on the glasses.

Reserve at least an hour in the freezer.
Serve with a straw and put some palms on a plate.

Your guests will certainly taste a drop of beverage with biscuit.
Because it is summer !

Marie-Chantal de Verneuil for DayNewsWorld