We know that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have just broken a complicated and tumultuous relationship of ten years !

We know that the pop singer fricote with the pretty Kaitlynn Carter, a close friend for a long time.

And what about the poor, helpless husband ?

He does not seem to have resigned himself to remain lonely!

Liam Hemsworth would now console himself in the arms of a famous actress who is none other than Isabel Lucas.

And we can only hope that he will have more luck with the famous model.

Besides, did not she already know it ?

The actress is none other than the ex-girlfriend of her brother Chris.

The hunk in the saga Hunger Games is not let down by the break, it seems that this is the philosophy of the Australian actor.

An anonymous source tells Woman's Day magazine.

"Liam is right now at Byron at his brother Chris's.

Isabel is part of the same circle of friends and they have already spent time together.

They have become very good friends.

She is there to help her change her mind and is the perfect person to ask for advice.

She is currently in Europe but she feels bad for leaving Liam at the worst of times. So despite everything, they keep in touch by messages.»

Kate White for DayNewsWorld