She is only 29 years old and already she receives a prize for her entire career.

On Friday, September 23, 2019, American actress Kristen Stewart received the Deauville Talent Award from Olivier Assayas, director who directed it twice, on Sils Maria, for which she was the first American actress to receive a Caesar.

Then on Personal Shopper, in 2016.

"I would especially like to express my admiration for her, that there is nothing more important than the freedom of independent cinema.

And this cinema here in Deauville is dedicated to it.

But the word independent is too vague.

It seems to me that we should rather say free cinema, "said the filmmaker in a vibrant tribute to his muse revealed by David Fincher in" Panic Room "which was shot under the direction of Sean Penn (" Into the Wild ") , Barry Levinson ("Panic in Hollywood"), Woody Allen ("Café Society").

And to continue "Because she never made a conventional choice, she never sought anything but preserve her independence, in her life, in her actions, and in her art."

In his look also a bit rebellious, with his famous short haircut and some pink highlights, as in his outfits.

She hypnotized on the red carpet of this 45th festival of Deauville with the arm of Yvan Attal who shares the poster of Seberg, film directed by Benedict Andrews:

cut white jacket, black shorts and black and white pumps, she displays total freedom of dress.

In his life also the former star of Twilight does not hesitate to assert his bisexuality several times, especially during Saturday Night Live with Stephen Colbert in February 2017.

"When I went out with a guy, I had to hide because all my actions immediately became news items, and I did not like that. (...)

And then it changed when I started going out with a girl.

I realized that hiding my relationship now took on a different meaning, as if I did not assume or was ashamed, so I changed my approach to the subject. I am relieved and much happier as well. "

We look forward to Kristen Stewart in a new version of "Charlie's Angels" directed by Elizabeth Banks.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld