The crisis meeting organized on Monday for more than two hours allows the royal family to emerge from the turmoil. But not everything is settled.

Two and a half hours of "constructive discussions".

This Monday, January 13, 2020, England was holding its breath, as the crisis meeting between members of the royal family took place, organized after the surprise announcement of the "Megxit". Elizabeth Windsor, 93, had turned her schedule upside down for a summit meeting in eastern England.

The queen had summoned her two successors, her son, Prince Charles, and her grandson, Prince William, as well as Prince Harry - sixth in the order of succession -, more than ever torn between his royal obligations, his affection for his grandmother and his wife, Meghan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth finally decided to grant Prince Harry and Meghan, who want to emancipate themselves from the crown, "a period of transition".

"A period of transition"

According to a press release from the Palace, "My family and I fully support the desire of Harry and Meghan to start a new life as young parents. Although we would have preferred that they devote all their time to royal obligations, we understand and respect their desire to live more independently (…). Harry and Meghan left no doubt that they did not want to be dependent on public funds in their new life, "said the Queen in the same written statement.

Elizabeth II also said that the couple would begin a period of "transition" during which he would share between Canada and the United Kingdom. "There are complex problems to be resolved," added the queen. There is still work to be done but I have asked that we reach final decisions in the coming days. ”

The sovereign thus plays the appeasement, five days after the announcement thunderclap of the duke and the duchess of Sussex. At the end of this "Sandringham summit", the 93-year-old sovereign affirms loud and clear "fully support" the choice of the couple. "Even if we would have preferred that they remain full members of the royal family," she concedes.

Despite the Queen's positive attitude towards the exit of Harry and Meghan, the independence granted by the crown to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex raise complex questions which were not resolved on Monday.

Not everything is settled

If their future is to be officially decided in the coming days, the young spouses will now be able to share their lives between Canada and the United Kingdom. But all is not settled.

Despite this claimed unity, many uncertainties still remain. How to be royal by living part of the year in Canada? How to be financially independent, as the couple wishes, without exploiting the royal Sussex brand? How to ensure the security of the couple currently funded by public money?

The fact remains that the meeting at least made it possible to get out of the crisis and to avoid the threat of a new unpacking which hovered over the meeting. If the Windsor had been adamant, the couple would have been tempted to give a shock interview to the American interviewer Oprah Winfrey.

According to journalist Tom Bradby, friend of William and Harry, the source of this information, the duke and duchess were ready to denounce "racism and sexism" of the royal family on the set of Oprah.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld