Lady Gaga, always very secretive about her private life, let herself go to confide in her upcoming projects in a makeup tutorial.

And there are many, you can imagine, for the 33-year-old popstar!

Between a career as a musician and a foothold in cinema, Bradley Cooper's accomplice even found time to launch her own brand of cosmetics, like Kim Kardashian or Rihanna.

However, in continuing his response, the interpreter of Shallow seems to have other desires which are added to his art. New songs, new roles, new brand of cosmetics so you would have thought that the popstar's schedule was full.

But that's to forget that the 33-year-old star is in love.

Lady Gaga therefore did not hesitate to make a more intimate revelation "I am my inspirations at the moment.

When I'm inspired, I do things right away. ”

So "Even more music, I'm not ready to retire ... all kinds of music.

I want to make more films, I want babies and I want to continue developing this giant that is Haus Laboratories to make it the make-up brand of my dreams. ”

A new chapter in her intimate life opens, her desire to become a mother to the delight of her fans.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld