But what's going on with the beautiful Ophélie Winter ?

What you could read and hear :

The singer would be in a bad past for some time, ruined and homeless.

She would even be wanted by the police.

But do not worry because she has committed a crime, not just to protect her from an ex-companion who wants her skin.

After her divorce in 2017 from a wealthy Dutchman, the 45-year-old singer experienced many health problems including facial paralysis.

In early 2019, she even spent several months in the hospital after a serious traffic accident, in which she had the chest cavity crushed.

"I am alone, I have been much betrayed, I have had health problems" confirmed the interpreter of God gave me the faith, Monday, September 23, 2019, interviewed by telephone on the program Touche pas à my post is led by Cyril Hanouna.

"I no longer live in France and I spent almost two weeks doing Mario Bros with my little Smart to ask nothing to anyone because here ...

I made my small furniture storage move and ten round trips with the cartons in my car, "she told herself live.

"I'm discharging from hotel to hotel, but I do not have a home at all. It's not fixed or mobile.

And I do not live in France anymore (...) I sleep at the hotel, it's really hard. But now, you do not work, you have no money, you're not at the top what! It's more of a boring thing, I'm bored what?

I am someone who likes to work and I am bored, "she continued.

And she would refuse to appeal to her relatives because she would like to go up the slope alone.

What we can tell you and what we think :

Ophélie Winter is a great person with a big heart!

Ophélie has a crazy talent, an extraordinary potential !!

Ophélie has many more friends than imagine that are ready to extend his hand !!!

We are certain what will bounce back soon !!!!!

Ophélie our writing is wide open for your communication, you can also contact us for your professional projects and others ...

Ophélie a simple mail from you to join us so do not hesitate !!!!

Dear readers, we will give you news surely soon

We too have faith !! , and we have faith in Ophelia .......... !!!!

Paul Emison for DayNewsWorld