Since his restaurant La Maison des Bois, located in Manigod in Haute-Savoie, lost one of its three stars in January, Marc Veyrat went to war against the Michelin guide.

He decided to go to court to understand "the exact reasons for downgrading his restaurant. And no longer see his establishment in the guide.

In its 110th edition, published in early 2019, the famous guide had indeed removed a star, obtained a year earlier, the Savoyard leader, "without any notification or prior warning," said in a statement his advice Emmanuel Ravanas.

A downgrade that has been experienced as a humiliation. "I was dishonored by the decision of the Michelin Guide," said the famous chef. "It's not an injury, it's worse than an injury. It's a profound offense. I had a depression. I saw my team crying. For me, it's irreparable, "added Marc Veyrat.

"For decades, Marc Veyrat has been accustomed to his cuisine being graded, evaluated, compared and he knows well that one does not own his stars for life (...) He assumes everything, provided the criticism is rigorous, "says the lawyer

The man in the black hat reproaches the red guide for his failure to provide the objective reasons for this decision and accuses the institution of never having set foot in his establishment.

The Michelin Guide took note of this judicial procedure, while regretting the "accusations" made by the chief.

"Eight months after the publication of the Michelin Guide and three months after making a series of accusations against the conditions of this assessment, Mr. Veyrat has decided to bring to justice, not on the merits, to blame us for any fault but for ask for pieces to help him base a charge.

This approach illustrates the fact that he had no element at the time he made his accusations and to this day, "said the gastronomic guide." We understand the disappointment of Mr. Veyrat which no one disputes the talent itself if we regret his unreasonable perseverance to accuse and communicate loudly.

We would like to remind you that our first duty is to inform consumers what led us to review our recommendation. We will study its requests carefully and respond to them calmly, "added the Michelin Guide .

The interim hearing (urgent procedure) before the TGI Nanterre is scheduled for 27 November.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld