The First Lady would once again be the good fairy of Emmanuel Macron. France is currently going through an unprecedented worsening health crisis.

Still no masks for the nursing staff, still no test for the confined population but already hundreds of dead.

Pushed by his wife Brigitte, the 42-year-old president would have therefore decided to pick up his handset to call the controversial professor Didier Raoult, according to Paris-Match.

Didn't the 68-year-old scientist say in a YouTube video that a treatment with chloroquine could cure coronavirus patients?

The mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, tested positive for coronavirus, claims to have been cured by the treatment of Professor Raoult and would have informed the presidential couple.

"Opinions diverge at the very heart of the state", explain our colleagues, who highlight the questions of the political and medical circles. The scandal of "contaminated blood" still haunts the minds, the executive wants to be careful.

Hydroxychloroquine is finally part of the European trial launched on Monday.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld