In this period of confinement, time may seem long, but our Emily thinks of us and does not fail to take beautiful photos for the enjoyment of everyone !
Sure that time will seem shorter thanks to Emily so thank you to our star for her good heart and her generosity because you put the sun and balm in our sorrowful spirits when the confinement is only at his beginnings and which promises to be long.

I remind everyone that confinement must be respected to the letter, it is the best way to beat this enemy that is the Covid-19 !

Here is a beautiful lesson of leisure which can be organized at home in a very simple way!

Indeed, almost all of us have a smartphone with an integrated camera !

It is therefore simple to play with your smartphone alone in selfie mode, or two in shooting mode !!

Well for sure we don't all have the talent and the beauty of our Emily but in any case the game can be very fun and occupy a little our days which are very long at the moment !

Emily go "Go go go" we are all with you !

We look forward to the next shots that make all your fans dream on our planet !!!

Sandra Stac for DayNewsWorld