I have been closely, since I discovered this place, the exhibitions proposed by the Lyon gallery "Vrais Rêves", dedicated to photography since 1980, place whose name is the title of a book by Duane Michals edited by Oak in 1977.

The artistic line of this gallery seems to be rather towards the creation, the diversion, the ambiguity in perfect adequacy with its surname carrying a specific artistic line of photography.

While we often put so-called documentary photography forward in the media, we can ask ourselves if it does not return to one of its first statutes that of capturing and objectively recording a reality.

Hippolyte Bayard, born in 1801, who made the first photographic staging, "The Drowning", made in 1840, had detached himself from it, and must now turn in his grave ...

A True Dreams, currently an artist photographer Philippe Calandre presents images of the series "In perceptivo".

For him the interest is not in the objectivity but rather in the creativity, in the imaginary.

The proof, Philippe Calandre evokes the discovery by NASA of an exoterre named Kepler 452b, located 1400 light years from us.

He places his latest architectural compositions.

These forming utopias: non-places, nowhere in the first sense of the term. And yet these chimeras proceed from fragments taken from the real by his care ...

As Jean-Pierre Chambon says so subtly, I quote "(...) After having traveled the globe for a long time as a photographer, Philippe Calandre decided to organize from now on great immobile journeys towards the lands or the unknown cities which will reveal his irreproachable photomontages .

Drawing on his building materials in the stock of images he has accumulated during his wanderings and reports, he creates very clever combinations where the hybridizations work perfectly.

Like the hero of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, who speculates on "cities that are too likely to be true," he seeks to bring about a reality augmented by the imaginary.

His fascination with industrial architectures, whose aesthetics stemmed from practical necessity and the economic imperative, led him to design strange machineries.

Hedged silos and chimneys spitting their fumes, traversed pipelines and inextricable stairs, grafted with metal bridges overhanging landscapes of deserts, its sites possess the beauty of the underworld. "

Exhibition to discover until November 10, Wednesday to Saturday from 15 to 19h or during one of the tours commented, the one in the presence of the artist, September 29 at 17h.

During this meeting Frédérique Lomba, pianist, friend of the gallery and the photographer, will propose her musical reading of the exhibition of Philippe CALANDRE

Galerie Vrais Rêves 6 rue Dumenge 69004 Lyon (France).

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Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld