The Galerie Vrais Rêves opens its doors to a new exhibition from 13/03/2019 to 27/04/2019.

The opening will take place on Saturday 09/03/2019 from 17h at the Galerie Vrais Rêves 6 Rue Dumenge, 69004 Lyon France.

In this exhibition called INTERVALLES, the photographer Michael Michlmayr exposes some older works, which were already positioned clearly on the border between static image (photo) and moving image (film).

In recent years, thanks to the improvement of the optical quality of the cameras we are witnessing, in his work, an inversion of the creation protocols.

Previously, photography fed video, whereas now it is the video itself that constitutes the essence of His photography.

Michael Michlmayr's work is confronted with different structures of reality that profoundly alter our perception of time and space through images.

In his series "Work in progress - Spaces time" (Time Spaces) it deals above all with urban space, everyday scenarios and actions that take place there.

For this purpose he can photograph, from a single and fixed point of view, people on a square, on an escalator "Escalator III, 2011" or cars circulating in a street "Circulation, 2018". The different photographed scenes are then assembled on a computer to form, in the end, a single painting, La photographie.

The juxtaposition of different places and different space-times within the same image creates an effect of simultaneity.

But if we take the time, we discover that people and things arise repeatedly in different attitudes or positions.

The photographs of these seemingly authentic urban scenes turn out to be fictional situations - scenes in which time and space become elusive. Similarly, photographs of architectural structures are assemblages, virtual constructions.
It can also, by the association of multiple individual images of a window, create a floor in order to be able to build a new building, which does not exist in reality ...
In his current exhibition, called INTERVALLES, he exhibits some older works, which are positioned even more clearly at the border between static image (photo) and moving image (film). In recent years, thanks to the improvement of the optical quality of the cameras we are witnessing an inversion of the creation protocols. Previously, photography fed video, film, whereas now it's the video itself that constitutes the essence of his photography.
Among his creations, a photograph of the series "short films" of 2018, in which Michlmayr explores again the passage of characters on an escalator.
Some bibliographical references:

Born in 1965 in Vienna, Austria, Michael Michlmayr found his interest in art photography and cinema very early on. The idea of ​​the photographic sequence therefore very quickly aroused her because she alone could bear this relative temporality.

His photography is actually very close to the film, perhaps on the border between photography and cinema. "I see some of my images as small motion pictures, like an uninterrupted short film. Michael Michlmayr.

He learned photographic and artistic techniques by assisting and working with professional photographers and other artists. Scholarships for residencies in Paris, London and Rome. Michael Michlmayr is present in private and public collections in France and abroad.

Represented in France by the Galerie Vrais Rêves in Lyon since 1999. He lives and works in Vienna (Austria).

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These appear in Escalator VII but a little more blurred (in motion) than in the initial photograph. 25 native / sec images of a video sequence have been assembled into a single photograph from a video of a length of a few seconds.
The photograph thus obtained "the ghost of the past" shows in condensed form, four seconds during which the ruins of a World War II bunker on the French coast disappear under water and reappear with the waves.

At each stage of the flood the movement of the ebb and flow is visible in the final photograph.
Thus was born the final image, striking by its aesthetic and graphic quality thanks to The abstraction of the motif and the compression of space-time.
Note that the image remains still legible from left to right.

Fundamentally, Michael Michlmayr's work deals with the relationship between time and space. Very often, it also enters an additional component, natural or artificial light.

For the project "the sun in front of my window", he photographed with a duration of exposure of 12 hours, during 36 days, the landscape in front of his window and recorded the path of the sun with his changes of position, intensity and light quality.

While the photographer and the camera remained in the same place in the studio, the outside world was in constant motion.

In the photo "36 Days reference # 1" which shows the superposition of the paths of sunlight, we show the compression of the course of time during these 36 days. In "Calendar # 1" the calendar of these 36 days is visible.

In this exhibition, Michael Michlmayr returns to what has been driving him since the beginning of the 2000s, the notion of "photographic sequence" so dear to Duane Michals.

From a text by Petra Noll-Hammerstie and translation by Carine Foeller.

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Galerie Vrais Rêves : Open from 13/03 to 27/04/2019 from Wednesday to Saturday from 15H00 to 19H00
Opening : Saturday 09/09/2019 from 17H00
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