No longer holding their blows, six candidates for the democratic nomination for the American presidential election of 2020 clashed, Tuesday evening, during the last televised debate before the much-awaited vote of February 3 in Iowa, kick-off of the primary.

Joe Biden the touched favorite

Socialist Bernie Sanders once again spared favorite Joe Biden when he criticized his vote in support of the Iraq war in October 2002. Wind in the sails in the polls, Bernie Sanders tackled Tuesday, January 14, 2020 the favorite Joe Biden on his balance sheet in foreign policy at the opening of the last debate before the long-awaited vote in Iowa, which will mark February 3 the kick-off of the Democratic primaries. The last televised debate between the Democratic candidates for the presidential election took place Tuesday evening. The primaries kick off on February 3 in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders lets go of everything and no longer holds a blow. Tuesday evening, during the last debate between the Democratic candidates for the White House before the start of the primaries, the senator from Vermont particularly attacked Joe Biden, former vice-president of Barack Obama during his two terms and favorite among Democrats for this 2020 election. Bernie Sanders notably aimed at the balance sheet in foreign policy of the former VP. This debate was the very last before the Iowa caucus, a particularly awaited vote, because it will mark the start, on February 3, of the Democratic primaries.

After a period of intense tension between the United States and Iran, six candidates hoping to challenge Republican Donald Trump in November were questioned at length about their Middle East programs. The opportunity for the socialist Bernie Sanders to criticize again the moderate Joe Biden on his vote in 2002, when he was a senator, to authorize George W. Bush to intervene militarily in Iraq.

Former Vice President Joe Biden Again Called His Vote "Mistake" But Stressed That Didn't Prevent Barack Obama, Who Opposed The Iraq War, From Then Choosing Him As his right arm. Third in the national polls behind the two men, progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren said she was in favor of the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East.

On the new trade agreement negotiated between the United States, Canada and Mexico, the six candidates, with ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg, moderate senator Amy Klobuchar and billionaire Tom Steyer, have also exposed their divisions. "Joe and I have a fundamental disagreement here, in case you haven't noticed," said Bernie Sanders, who is against the agreement, causing laughter from the assembly.

Headaches between the most progressive candidates

The debate was organized in Des Moines, Iowa. A sparsely populated rural state, it could have a great influence on the Democratic race since it will therefore be the first to vote on February 3.

The polls are extremely tight between four favorites: Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren.

Sanders won 20% of the voting intentions, while Elizabeth Warren came in second with 17%. Ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg, who recently led the poll, fell to third place with 16% and Joe Biden closed the race with 15%. The opinion poll, however, has a relatively high margin of error of 3.7 points, so hardly anyone is excluded from the victory.

With his good place in the voting intentions and impressive fundraising in 2019 from his supporters, Bernie Sanders had not spared his rivals either before the debate.

"When you look at my record against Joe Biden, I don't think Biden's record can provide the energy we need to beat Trump," he tweeted. The temperature also rose between the two great progressive candidates in the primary, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, when an article claimed that the socialist team instructed its volunteers to portray its rival as an elite candidate.

A woman, alone capable of beating Trump?

While the atmosphere was already tense, another controversy exploded with revelations from the CNN chain claiming that the Vermont senator had declared at the end of 2018 to his rival that a woman could not win the presidential election against Donald Trump. "I did not say that," said the independent senator during the debate. Provoking laughter from the assembly, Elizabeth Warren immediately contradicted her "friend." Before tackling the big question behind this debate: "Can a woman beat Donald Trump?" Look at the men on this set. Between them, they lost ten elections. The only people here who have won all the elections they ran for are women, Amy (Klobuchar, editor's note) and me, ”she said.

Nobody really won

No one really knew how to seize the last opportunity to outrun its competitors. On form, Bernie Sanders still managed to make the audience laugh several times and gain the upper hand by dictating a certain energy to the rest of the group.

It must be said that the four favorites in the polls risked taking big risks or hitting the competition too hard. Recent opinion research has revealed results so tight that they give almost all of them, including the margin of error, as potential winners in Iowa.

They left the attacks to Donald Trump, at a campaign rally at the same time in neighboring Wisconsin, and delighted to take out his rivals.

At a campaign meeting the same evening in neighboring Wisconsin, Donald Trump hugged his rivals, mocking Joe Biden's blunders and taunting Bernie Sanders: "He's a bad guy. The 78-year-old had a heart attack on October 1, from which he has recovered well, according to his doctors. Joe Biden, a 77-year-old political veteran, also faces doubts about his age.

While the Democratic race had started with record diversity among the contenders, the six candidates on the board were for the first time all white.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld