Air Expo Lyon, the only general aviation show in France, opened on 13/14/15 June 2019.

France Air Expo Lyon is the unmissable event for general aviation in Europe, but also a show that brings together in one place the main players in General Aviation to propose the latest innovations and industrial innovations that will from the business plane through the Ulm, the helicopter and all the dedicated services and equipment, to federations, pilots, associations, insurance, financing, aviation training and many other actors of the aviation.

A great business meeting for enthusiasts, drivers, owners and professionals of the sector, with dynamic exhibitors, we find almost everything from flight helmets through high quality maps, flight instruments, radios fixed, portable like ICOM radio IC-25NE in 8.33Kz of course !!

We can not forget the tools for maintenance, construction (a very good note to KS-TOOLS ), but also conferences on current topics concerning aviation.

Among the manufacturers, the Italian IFD-NET is a company to follow that offers a beautiful range of remarkable flight instruments that will be discussed again soon.

A nice presentation on the new regulatory text provided for by EASA in September which provides that each Member State can opt for an "exemption from European rules" for non-certified aircraft with a maximum take-off mass between 450 and 600 kg

It states that France intends to use this exemption for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 500 kg (525 kg with emergency parachute and 545 with parachute and floats).

The maximum stall speed will remain at 65 km / h. These aircraft will be subject to the regulatory framework applicable to microlights currently in France,

But also the design, production, maintenance and operation of these aircraft will fall within the scope of national jurisdiction.

Other information that is confirmed without surprise but very interesting, the "glass cockpit" continue their penetration of the general aviation market,

In late March, Garmin announced the certification of its multi-function G3X Touch Flight Display for hundreds of certified aircraft.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has indeed granted approval for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) allowing "the installation of the G3X Touch in nearly 500 certified single piston engines ".

This touchscreen avionics suite, with high-resolution display, allows access to various features ranging from

"Direct to" when navigating to a preset altitude or radio setting.

Two formats are offered, 7 or 10.6 inches.

The multi-screen configurations and display options allow different options for the driver, including the installation of two coupled displays, possibly of different size.

The pilot can have on one side its display PFD (Primary Flight Display) and the other the MFD (Multi-Function Display).

The G3X can be interfaced with many other Garmin products including the new 175 / GNX 375 and GTN 650/750 GPS.

Finally, the synthetic vision is offered as standard (with terrain rendering in 3D, obstacles and aerodrome environment).

A function can help to manage navigation in the vertical plane, for example by defining a descent plane from an altitude imposed by a flight plan.

All these technologies are intended to make the pilot's task easier and to improve safety.

Luc T. for DayNewsWorld