The executive presented a pension reform based on a point system which he called the "universal pension system". Thus the Prime Minister detailed the new pension system by point.

Many schemes work by points, and most French people are affected by this system. Examples:

supplementary retirement for employees in the private sector, for the self-employed, retirement for the liberal professions, etc.

The point therefore becomes the nerve of war. Finished the quarters of contribution, the active will accumulate points from now on during their career. When retiring, this total number of points is converted into a pension.

In certain inactive situations, for example if you are unemployed, on maternity leave or on sick leave, you will still get retirement points.

This is called solidarity within the same generation.

But how much will the point be worth?

Édouard Philippe announced that the social partners will fix the value of the item "under the control of Parliament".

"The law will provide a golden rule so that the value of the point acquired cannot fall", with indexation on wages and not on inflation.

But the value of the point which will determine the amount of pensions is currently unknown, and unions opposed to the reform, such as the CGT and FO, fear that it will serve as a variable for budgetary adjustment.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld