The executive is working to prepare the ground for the expected statement by Edouard Philippe on pension reform. Each by distilling his little sentence. Asked about the protests that have been stirring France since Thursday on the sidelines of a summit on the peace process in Ukraine, the head of state reacted Monday evening for the first time since the start of the mobilization.

"I fully reassured Vladimir Putin by telling him that the demonstrations in Paris absolutely did not concern the pension reform carried out in Russia", replied the president ironically to the journalist of the news channel who asked him if the strike against the pension reform worried foreign visitors.

Then he added that "everyone around the table knows what a reform essential to his country is and what it implies to be carried out. It comes under the action of the government and the announcements that will be made tomorrow (Wednesday, note). I did not feel a great concern, I reassure you. ". Emmanuel Macron, despite the social movement, persists and signs.

The Prime Minister, for his part, also spoke, before members of the majority, before his speech on Wednesday. “It is not because I am giving a speech (Wednesday noon) that the demonstrations will stop. This speech will even raise new questions.

And it's normal. There will be questions and there will be debates in the hemicycle on legitimate subjects ”, launched the head of the government at this weekly meeting, which is held behind closed doors. The Prime Minister is also said to have made "no magic announcements" that could "stop the protests" and "questions" from the French on pension reform.

If 76% of French people say they are in favor of a pension reform, 64% do not trust Emmanuel Macron and the government to carry it out, according to an Ifop poll published by Le Journal du dimanche.

In this "battle of opinion", the executive is also criticized from all sides on the method with which he has been carrying out his project for almost two years, marked by a vagueness which has exacerbated the concerns of the French.

"We will have a very strong job of explaining to do," admits the Prime Minister. A job that should have been done upstream ...

A question of method at a time when public speaking is discredited.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld