How to respond to the crisis of yellow vests that require more purchasing power?

This is the question that tears the government and especially Emmanuel Macron two days of his speech in the form of a press conference, the first of his quinquennium. The president would be prepared to advocate for longer working hours as a response to the tax cut.

Emmanuel Macron wants the French to "work harder" to finance the tax cuts. But the solutions envisaged can be explosive ...

"I asked the government to implement this tax cut by funding it by removing some tax loopholes, the need to work more and cuts in our public spending. "

This excerpt from Emmanuel Macron's address, recorded last Monday but not broadcast because of the Notre-Dame fire, highlights a new, unconventional axis of the President's policy, even explosive in a social context. very degraded especially as 54% of the French voted against an extension of the work in an Ifop survey published Sunday by the JDD. Ian Brossat, head of the PCF list for Europeans, is one of them.

"When I hear President Macron tell us he will have to work more to earn as much, it is insulting for millions of French (...) while the number of billionaires in France has increased threefold in the last ten years He said on RFI.

In what form? A holiday worked for free, like what had made Pierre Raffarin then prime minister under Jacques Chirac for the financing of solidarity. May 8, for example, for a single memorial day on November 11, the elimination of certain tax loopholes or even the decline in the legal retirement age.

The subject divides the political class even among the LREMs.

For Nicolas Bay of the National Rally, the French are "ready" to work more "conditions are favorable", while calling "gadget" the idea of ​​removing a holiday to establish a day of solidarity that would bring only three billion euros per year to the State The subject divides up within the LREM.

While Aurélien Taché, deputy of the left wing of LREM, advocates "privileging tracks where we will not ask the French to work more" and allocate the contribution for the repayment of the social debt (CRDS) to the dependence, Aurore Bergé, another MEP LREM, defends the proposal for a new day of solidarity.

France is one of the countries where we work the least and one of those who redistribute the most towards the most disadvantaged.

The executive will have to be convincing in the battle of working time.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld