It is by a brief statement of about thirty lines that the FDJ (French Games) announced on April 9, 2019 that Raphaële Rabatel had been appointed Director of Communication and Sustainable Development of the company, a function that she will join in early May.

The information immediately aroused an uproar, Raphaele Rabatel being the wife of Gilles Legendre, macronist of the first hour, deputy of the 2nd district of Paris and President, since the cabinet reshuffle of September 2018, the LREM Group of the 'National Assembly.

The reasons for the bronca: the information fell in the middle of the adoption of the PACT law, which provides for the privatization of the FDJ. (Adopted definitively on April 11, 2019).

The weekend of week 15 was certainly put to good use to endorse the decision, in the pipes before April 11th. The phones have to heat up this weekend!

"Curious mix of genres", "Bravo the new world", "deeply shocking"! The opposition has given it to heart, denouncing in bulk, serious suspicion of conflict of interest and nepotism.

In their creaky remarks, most of the opponents point out that they would never have been on the front line of criticism, if Gilles Legendre, who for months campaigned on the theme of probity and moralization of public life had been deported during the PACTE vote.

Given the timetable described above, Gilles Legendre could not ignore that his wife had been approached for several weeks to occupy the post of Director of Communication and Sustainable Development at the FDJ and that this decision would be taken the day after its privatization!

New world or not, we see that the small arrangements between friends still have long life and that the arrival of Emmanuel Macron did not change anything to this unbearable phenomenon, despite the protests, the hand on the heart of the executive .

In the LREM camp it is objected that the case of Raphaële Rabatel is malicious attacks ... without convincing, the Penelope Gate (Fillon case) is not so old.

Protestant of his good faith and the "proven" competence of his wife, retained by him regularly by recruiters, the Paris MP who had chosen, certainly, to formalize the appointment of his companion, has just backed down.

To put an end to the controversy, he announced today, April 15, that he had seized the deontologist of the Assembly.

The position was created in April 2011. He is currently occupied by Agnès Roblot-Troizier, doctor in public law. She was appointed to this post on the proposal of François de Rugy.

Since the passing of the law of moralisation of public life, the deontologist has a power of investigation. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the closure of his investigation.

According to Gilles Legendre it would be the only way to definitively remove doubts about the conditions surrounding the vote on the law providing for the privatization of the FDJ, a vote he nevertheless participated in "forgetting to withdraw"?

Meanwhile, and to parody Arnault Montebourg, it is possible to say that the biggest fault of Gilles Legendre is his wife….

Clara Mitchell pour DayNewsWorld