French jihadist Fabien Clain was reportedly killed in the afternoon of Wednesday, February 20, in Syria, by an international coalition strike, and his brother, Jean-Michel, was reportedly seriously injured. Fabien Clain was killed by an air strike in Baghouz, the last bastion of the Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria.

The French government is still waiting for a DNA analysis to formalize his death.

The French authorities have not officially confirmed the death of Fabien Clain.

"During the operations of reconquest of the last stronghold of Daech led by the coalition, it is possible indeed that Fabien Clain was killed, tweeted in the evening the French Minister of the Armies Florence Parly.

If this is the case, the French who remember his calls for murder and his role in the pseudo-Islamic state, will surely be relieved. We remain vigilant, this information is not confirmed, "she added.

The Clain brothers were quickly identified in the claim of the Islamic State group after the attacks of 13 November in Paris as the voices of the message. Fabien Clain, 41, was the voice of the terrorist group's sound message broadcast in the aftermath of the attacks perpetrated by three commandos of men returning from Syria. His brother Jean-Michel, 38, had been recognized in the Anasheeds - religious songs - of the recording.

Veterans of the jihad, they were in the sights of anti-terrorist services for years. After demonstrating their involvement in the attacks of 13-November, the investigating judges issued an arrest warrant against them in June 2018.

Many "high value" targets were reportedly killed by the French or American army on the spot.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld