On 15 February, the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office opened a preliminary inquiry into "obstruction of the manifestation of the truth". Is there "concealment of evidence" in the various investigations against Alexandre Benalla?

Justice is interested in two statements by Alexander Benalla, according to a source close to the survey.

The first is the disappearance of the safe that he owned at his home for his weapons.

This safe "had to be taken to a safe place by a person but it was not me who took care of that," he told investigators on July 21.

The public prosecutor's office had not found it appropriate to expand the scope of investigations to find this safe no offense in connection with weapons being blamed to the former chargé de mission Emmanuel Macron.

According to Libération, on February 14, Chokri Wakrim was the author of this move.

What the latter denied.

The second statement concerns the removal of SMS with Vincent Crase. The former collaborator of Emmanuel Macron says in this exchange:

"And we erase everything each time. You erased everything in your phone? ".

The announcement of the opening of this inquiry comes a few hours after the Senate Law Commission delivered its report. Justice must work.

This commission calls to seize justice suspecting Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase to have lied and three collaborators of Emmanuel Macron to have omitted certain elements voluntarily.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld