To the amazement of many, and it seems, feigned or not, the person concerned, Alain Juppé has just been named "Sage among the Sages" member of the Constitutional Council to replace Lionel Jospin.

The Constitutional Council comprises 9 members, plus one ex officio member, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, in his capacity as former President of the Republic. It is renewable by 1/3, the unique mandate of a member not exceeding 9 years.

It was necessary at the beginning of the year 2019 to appoint 3 new "magistrates" to replace those positioned on the starting line or deceased.

According to the Constitution, the power of appointment belongs to:

- President of the Republic who has just appointed Jacques Mézard, former Secretary of State, Senator

- Speaker of the Senate who has just appointed Jean Jacques Hyest, Senator

- President of the National Assembly who has just appointed Alain Juppé

It is within the scope of his attributions that Richard Ferrand has appointed Alain Juppé.

This decision, which was made public on 14 February 2019, immediately gave rise to comments, mostly acidic, with the exception, for example, of François Baroin, a long-time friend of Alain Juppé and President of the Association of Mayors of France.

The fireworks of the critics began the day after the announcement with, the first of them, that we had to notice, namely that of Nicolas Canteloup who did not hesitate to qualify " this democratic bug, agree between reprinted justice ".

It is true that Alain Juppé was convicted in 2004 in the famous case of the fictitious jobs of the mayor of Paris then chaired by Jacques Chirac, but also that Richard Ferrand is today put in review in the context of a dark case of personal enrichment, embezzlement and fraud to the detriment of Mutuelles de Bretagne.

A chabada chabada affair (Ferrand / Juppé) on Valentine's Day!

There was more bad!

Alain Juppe fearing to take "a jerk" in the upcoming municipal elections in Bordeaux, would have preferred to join the paradise (near the Grévin Museum) policies, namely the Constitutional Council or the average age is 70 years and over.

The Constitutional Council is, it is true, in the process of becoming a political cemetery where we recase the friends or those who we wish to see definitively leave the political life or those who through the questions submitted could make the decisions expected by the power.

The next day, Alain Juppé immediately gave a press conference, whose main point, "sobs in his voice" was addressed to the Bordelais to whom he had promised to remain until the end of his mandate?

In the ranks of the Bordeaux opposition, we have obviously hammered the nail: "Pharaonic expenditure (see our previous editions) committed by Alain Juppé, to make Bordeaux, a beautiful, emptied the boxes! Alain Juppé does not leave Bordeaux by the main door; he has simply secured a golden retirement at the Constitutional Council ". The social crisis has indeed passed through the city of Bordeaux where Yellow Vests have massively manifested, the popular layers have been boosted outside the city as a result of the changes promoted by Alain Juppé and its Municipal Council. Bordeaux have seen red for many weeks.

But the rejection of Alain Juppé by the Bordelais may not be the only reason for his departure?

The news fell by means of a sober statement made by the person concerned to the press on 14 February. Even his closest associates were not, it seems, in the secret. In their vast majority the Bordelais were not aware too.

Yet there had been some early warning signs. Alain Juppé, out of rupture for many months with the Republicans, since the election of Emmanuel Macron, had he not announced in January that he would not renew his membership in the party? The rapprochement with the President of the Republic had not materialized by the appointment of his former protégé, Edouard Philippe to Matignon, a symbol!

Yet it is said behind the scenes that the appointment of Alain Juppé to the Constitutional Council would have created collateral damage in the macronie itself and in the macronie of the Elysée more precisely, which for 3 months had expressed its disagreement vis-à-vis Richard Ferrand's intentions and to the end sought to convince him of another choice, to no avail.

The President of the National Assembly who wanted to "make a coup" remained deaf to the recommendations of the Elysee who also organized a game of musical chairs. The appointment of Alain Juppé has, contrary to appearances much upset the Elysee.

Alain Juppe will therefore land on rue Montpensier where he will sit alongside Laurent Fabius, the current President of the Constitutional Council, also convicted in the case of tainted blood.

Having become Sage, Alain Juppé will now be on the reserve and will not be able to support the Macron / LREM list of the next European elections, a support that would certainly have been very useful.

Yet the two men had lunch together on Tuesday, February 12th?

In spite of everything, Alain Juppe, who had been beaten by François Fillon in the primaries of the right, had remained against the odds of a right-wing figure.

As a result, his appointment to the Constitutional Council will leave the field open to those who intend to take over the torch of the current of the social and moderate right he represented, like the example of Valérie Pecresse or Xavier Bertrand, who will certainly not resume the slogan of "happy identity" that made a large part of the right electorate go back.

Because, at this end of the game, it should be noted that Alain Juppé had put the worm in the fruit of the French right that it disintegrated from the inside.

And from this point of view, it will be noted that the one who was "the best of us" is demonstrating the opposite of Edouard Herriot's famous formula "the intelligent man is the one who measures that he can understand. In fact, since the dawn of his political career Alain Juppé has understood nothing of France and the French.

Good luck, Mr. Juppé to the Constitutional Council !

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld