The "yellow vest" Ingrid Levavasseur announced on Wednesday that she was abandoning the list of the "Citizens' Initiative Rally" (RIC) she intended to conduct for the European elections, explaining that she wanted to "get back on track" and "smooth the name RIC "without however" giving up ".

Asked about possible divisions that led to this decision, the 31 year old caregiver said: "Absolutely not, I have companions who follow me, we just smooth the name RIC and we start on a good basis" .

"I officially disassociate myself from the rallying of citizen initiative (which does not mean that I give up presenting a list for European women)," she insisted on her Twitter account.

This is not the first time that the RIC list has known since its debut in January some disappointments. Hayk Shahinyan, had announced "take a step back" at the end of January by renouncing his role as director of the campaign. Two members of the list then announced to give up.

On January 31, it was Brigitte Lapeyronie who was deploring "that his application to the European forces him to abandon the defense of employees . " Then Marc Doyer who said he was the target of death threats and "fake news" because of his support for Emmanuel Macron.

Who for a head of the list?

Is not that a little premature?

Difficult to find political solutions...

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld