For the 13th time the Yellow Vests paraded in Paris and in the streets of the main provincial cities.

The Ministry of the Interior, which appears to be the only one to have reliable metering measuring instruments, has counted 51400.

A figure that according to government analysts shows a decline in mobilization.

The Yellow Vests and their supporters have for their part counted 110 000 participants throughout France, yesterday, Saturday, February 9, 2019!

A figure similar to that of last week that does not allow to say that the movement is weakening!

Leaving the Place de l'Etoile around 10:30 am, the Parisian motorcade was once again hit by the police.

The first tensions occurred at the level of the National Assembly around 1 pm. At jets street furniture the police responded with jets of tear gas.

A demonstrator had his hand torn off during these clashes, a opening grenade GLI-FU ("weapons" that contain 24 grams of TNT) that exploded in his hand.

A Vigipirate car belonging to the Sentinel Force was set on fire near the Champ de Mars at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Seen from abroad, it was perfectly possible to wonder if Paris Brulait?

The movement of Yellow Vests would give some signs of shortness of breath? Nothing is less certain?

The movement is still largely supported by French public opinion.

According to a survey of YouGov broadcast Thursday, February 7, 2019, 2 French out of 3 still support the Yellow Vests (64%) ... 2 more points in a month and 77% consider mobilization justified (+ 3%).

This poll shows that even if tensions remain all weekend due to (?) Yellow Vests, the situation is not rotten.

This is in any case what has just declared today Nicolas Dupont Aignan (candidate and head of the list of Debout France for the next European elections) on the TV sets of LCI ...

According to the tenor of the French right, the responsibility for this rottenness should be on the account of Emmanuel Macron and his government

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld