Et hop ! Here is a small decree quickly signed, Friday, March 15, 2019, before leaving (Emmanuel Macron) ski at Mongie!

The Official Gazette (OJ) published on 16 March 2019 a decree which had been signed the day before by the President of the Republic and which ends the functions of Director of Active Service of the Prefecture of Police, and, Director of the Public Order and Circulation of the Prefecture of Paris occupied until that date by Alain Gibelin who is reinstated in his original body of Commissioner General of Police.

This decree gave Alain Gibelin the provisions of a decree of 16 June 2016 establishing the rank of Commissioner General of Police. The decree of March 15, 2019 has 4 lines, succinct!

Phew! we have just heard from Alain Gibelin, who was told by our colleague "Le Point" that he had been hospitalized in the Emergency Department of the Salpetriere Hospital on February 28, 2019, in a probable state of burnout. ?

We purposely use the terminology "probable state" because we do not know much about what exactly happened that day.

What we are sure nevertheless is that Alain Gibelin was not hospitalized in the emergency for a burn out following a heartache ...

It will be recalled, moreover, that the decision to suspend this senior police officer was taken with complete discretion.

It will also be recalled that this decision was put on the account of the back-pedaling of the latter before the Commission of Inquiries of the National Assembly, a back-pedaling that had not been the taste of the Elysee and even less the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand who for the occasion had invented the "corrigendum of declaration under oath".

But it will also be recalled that Alain Gibelin was decorated with the Order of National Merit on November 5, 2018, which decoration was given to him by Michel Delpuech, Prefect of Police of Paris, who today, at the same time as we write risk, (we have just learned this moment), to be also dismissed, attacked from all sides that it is following the incidents that occurred on the Champs Elysees Saturday, March 16th.

The day of the publication by the JO of the reinstatement decree of Alain Gibelin, was also published the decree appointing Jerome Foucault to replace Alain Gibelin. Jerome Foucault is also a senior police official, heard by the Senate Investigations Committee.

Alain Gibelin was, however, in the opinion of all a specialist of public order. From this point of view, one can imagine that his presence in police headquarters last Saturday, during the incidents that occurred on the Avenue des Champs Elysees could have been very useful, as could have been useful also the presence of 3 police officers , very competent, suspended in the Benalla case, all decisions that beheaded the Parisian National Police.

We are not finished, obviously, with the Benalla affair!

But the authority that sits at the Elysee since May 2017 is misguided in the words of Philippe Bilger (see twitter account # Philippe Bilger, former Attorney General near the Court of Appeal of Paris) and it is necessary Admittedly, it was not because of the doglit reign on Paris that Alain Gibelin was sacked but because the latter had simply contradicted the Elysee Palace in the Benalla affair.

As a result of this latest information, we have waited impatiently for the decision of the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, "the first institutional opponent of Macron".

Indeed, Gerard Larcher promised to convene the highest instances of the Senate on March 21, 2019 to decide whether or not the referral to the prosecution in the case of Benalla, following the report of the Senate Inquiry Commission.

All French citizens, whether they are Yellow Vests or not, are waiting with interest and impatience for the decision of the President of the Senate. Unless …

We have just announced that hand in hand, Gerard Larcher and Richard Ferrand are expected to make several trips in the coming weeks "to bring the democratic voice in this period when institutions are attacked."

Their first trip is scheduled for Friday, March 22. Their first meeting must take place at Sciences Po Lilles.

Hopefully, in the closed-door of a smoked-glass sedan or in the cabin of a Falcon aircraft, the two men will not agree ... to conclude that there is no urgency in this case Benalla, democracy being in danger, since the violence of last Saturday?

It will be recalled that in September 2018, Emmanuel Macron, himself, had telephoned Gerard Larcher, to complain about the attitude of Philippe Bas, Senator of the Channel and President of the Senate Inquiry Commission, and to solicit indulgence against Alexandre Benalla. The event took a public turn, Gerard Larcher then promised not to let insult the Senate ....

NB At 3:23 this morning, March 17, 2019, Alain Gibelin published on his twitter account a message at the end of which he said: "To put definitely (?). A term to false rumors about me, it was not terminated by the government as seems to say the media obviously not well informed. I have had a stroke for a month and will be hospitalized for several months. It is impossible for me to assume my duties.

At 3:23? this stroke victim seems particularly awake........

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld