"The overrepresentation of the government and its supporters on the radio and television broadcasts, especially during the great debate, seriously threatens the balance of representation of the various political expressions that form the basis of our democratic system," he said. writes the Socialist Party in a statement issued on 25 February that accompanied the sending of a referral to the CSA.

Everyone is wondering how President Macron's prolific speech will be accounted for in the big debate. And for good reason: When Emmanuel Macron speaks in the context of the great debate, his time must be counted because it falls within the framework of what the CSA calls "the debate of national policy". Only his regal interventions do not fall within this field of counting. And info channels devote time to big masses, sometimes broadcasting them in their entirety.

The National Front, the Republicans, insubordinate France and recently the Socialist Party have seized the CSA denouncing all a distortion of speaking time with a much too unbalanced airtime in favor of the President of the Republic and his majority.

The rule in force which applies since January 1, 2018, outside the electoral period, as is the case for Europeans only opening in April, is as follows:

Speaking time is broken down into one-third for the executive (president, prime minister, ministers and their collaborators) and two-thirds for political parties according to election results, the number of elected officials and polls.

And the balance demanded of the media must be respected not on a week but on a quarter based on a monthly count sent by the chains to the CSA. At the beginning of March the figures of December are not yet communicated ...

When are the figures for the months of January and February? Not before the Europeans, it seems ...

A thorny issue for the chairman of the CSA Roch-Olivier Maistre

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld