François De Rugy resigns and says: "I privileged the sense of responsibility for the president and the government"

The French Minister of the Ecological Transition after the multiple cascading revelations of MEDIAPART resigned this Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

At the center of a controversy over excessive spending, François de Rugy announced his resignation from the government, while considering himself victim of a "media lynching", and announcing to have filed a complaint of defamation against the site of investigation MEDIAPART .

François de Rugy:

"I feel good even if I feel a great feeling of injustice with the methods of MEDIAPART ".

Since last week, the site of investigation revealed that the interested party had organized sumptuous dinners at the Hotel de Lassay at the time when he was president of the National Assembly from June 2017 to September 2018.

MEDIAPART also reveals work worth 63,000 euros in its company housing.

One thing is certain: the torch burns between the French people and their leaders (political class) who seem to abuse public money in the eyes of citizens, while at the same time poverty and difficulties only increase with a taxation become unbearable, France being the world champion of taxes, taxes and levies of all kinds !!!

Simon Freeman for DayNewsWorld