The information was passed at the time, almost unnoticed, except for the residents who had been recipients.

In a press release dated April 27, 2019, the Prefecture of Police of Paris and the ARS (Regional Health Agency of the Ile de France) had invited the residents of the Cathedral to carry out a meticulous household of their home or their premises, using wet wipes, to remove any dust likely to contain dust containing a high lead content from the combustion residues of the smoked frame of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

However, in this note, the two administrations indicated that "no poisoning was reported in the days following the fire".

We had wanted to believe it ... notwithstanding the fact that, at the same time, pregnant women and children were asked to dose their lead levels?

What everyone had learned simultaneously was General Gorgerin, a devout Catholic, cultivated but also politically savvy, whom Emmanuel Macron had appointed on April 27 to oversee the operations of reconstruction "of the Cathedral.

Since radio silence!

Until our colleague Médiapart makes last Thursday, July 4, disturbing revelations on the subject.

This is how we learned that:
According to documents dated May 3, sampling to measure lead in the debris revealed rates up to 740 times the authorized thresholds. On the forecourt, the measured rates are around 500 times, while on some bridges, squares or streets nearby, the rates are up to 800 times higher.
That during a meeting of May 6, organized in the offices of the ARS where were found officials of the Police Laboratory, the City of Paris, the Antipoison Center, the CRAM of Paris and the Direction of the Work we asked ourselves whether we should communicate on the subject? One person at the meeting revealed that "the ARS was playing the watch by refusing to communicate and even forcing individuals and associations to seize the CADA", thus paving the way for a real obstacle course for the victims.
The law of silence that had settled seemed nevertheless to be perfectly suitable for the Ministry of Culture and the health authorities.

The only concern of the government was to vote the bill on our Lady of Paris which provides for the creation of a Public Establishment and derogations to the rules of urban planning and environmental protection.

On the construction site, the prospects are worrying: companies that do not want to be the scapegoat for the event and its consequences; but also all stakeholders according to which, the dangers to health and the environment may increase due to the opacity that has developed.

As a result, some protagonists began to show their embarrassment at the example of the Prefecture of Police, some of whose premises were affected by lead pollution, or the bottle-feeding room or "Thousand Paws" of the nursery of the said prefecture. had to be closed for emergency decontamination. Functional apartments have also been decontaminated.

Safety checks on the construction site revealed that workers were working on site with bare hands, without gloves, handling rubble in protection, without a mask. Decontamination showers verified by the Labor Inspectorate do not work. The workers go home with the lead dust?

Sources close to the site even indicate that Franck Riester, the Minister (former LR / Macron-compatible) would not be dissatisfied that workers walk on the site without protections, thus not arousing any fear or residents or tourists.

With the fire of Notre Dame de Paris which caused the melting then the evaporation of some 500 tons of lead, the file which had at the beginning already triggered a scandal and doubts now takes the appearance of a scandal Sanitary, in-situ, near the building but also in the capital intra and extra muros, the cloud of lead dust having not as Chernobyl respected borders.

The malaise is even giving rise to the vocations of investigators whether it is on the side of those who plan to launch the American "class actions" to obtain compensation or pensions or on the part of those who have never believed in the accidental thesis of the fire.

They rely on the fact that the "guilty" have enemies from everywhere who will not miss the opportunity to deprive themselves of delivering sensitive information to put a spoke in the wheels of the state, owner of the monument.

It will be recalled that lead poisoning by ingestion or inhalation that causes serious damage to the central nervous system is called lead poisoning. And so, the saturnism, taken from the name of Saturn, (the disturbing Roman God) which would have caused the fall of the Roman Empire, could at the beginning of XXI century cause the fall of Jupiter / Saturn.

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld