Case Alstom, the Elysée again pointed the finger.

1000 employees of General Electric, Belfort in particular will lose their job!

The news fell on May 29, 2019, three days after the European elections, even though the American company had promised, during the Alstom takeover, to create a thousand!

Mayor LR Belfort, Damien Beslot and employees immediately shouted scandal, going so far as to denounce a state scandal.

From an internal source, the details of these dismissals will be presented to the unions around mid-June 2019.

It was Hugh Bailey, a former adviser to Emmanuel Macron in Bercy, who confirmed what had been going on for weeks and that he could not ignore because on April 22 he became the boss of General Electric.

But, cross of wood-iron cross, the Elysee assures for his part that he knew nothing before May 26:

"We were not more aware than the people concerned" swore on France Info the Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance, (Bruno Le Mayor) Agnès Pannier Runnacher who nevertheless wished to recall " that General Electric had been required to set up a 50 million euro fund to finance industrial revitalization plans ".

Just believe it and especially believe that the Elysee has not maneuvered for information to fall after the European elections.

However, early June 2019, we learned that the deputy of Eure et Loir, Olivier Marleix had been heard May 29 by investigators of the Central Office of the fight against corruption.

The MP reported to the floor last January the sale of Alstom's energy activities to General Electric and the merger of Tecnip FMC, in order to know if personalities who have contributed financially and operationally to them, were not on the list of supporters to Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election campaign.

And to add that during his two years at Bercy, Emmanuel Macron authorized mergers for colossal amounts: Alstom / General Electric for 13 billion €, Lafarge for 17 billion €, Tecnip for 8 billion €.

Each time the sums involved have been considerable, in unprecedented acceleration in the history of mergers and acquisitions. Each time, they have provided the Bankers with success fees ranging from 10 to 15 million euros.

These sales were examined by the Ministry of Defense for activities concerning it (for example the turbines that equip our submarine) but the procedures of control provided by decree were largely bypassed each time, according to Olivier Marleix, who presided over the Commission of Investigations to examine the decisions of the State in matters of industrial policy, including that of Alstom.

In April 2018, MP LR had already expressed his damning conclusions in the role played by the Elysee Palace in the sale of the French flagship of his American competitor. "We must, of course be careful," said Jacques Myard, former deputy and mayor LR Maison Lafitte who also interested in the file; but Olivier Marleix, whom he knows well, is, according to him, "a precise and serious deputy" who never ceases to denounce the mixing of genres in these cases, due to the fact that they are the treasurers of Emmanuel Macron's campaign, Alexis Köhler former Secretary General of the Elysee, resigned and under investigation in the case of Benalla and Julien Denormandie, Minister of the City and Housing, who were in charge of these cases in the Cabinet. "This is an extremely serious matter," added Jacques Myard; "It is a matter of sovereignty and industrial power but also of justice because today hundreds of jobs are threatened".

In the 4-page letter published by the newspaper "Le Monde" on January 17, 2019, Olivier Marleix had already noted that the two consulting banks that had been called upon for the sale of Alstom-Activities Energies at General Electric were Bank Of America / Merill Lynch and Rothschild & Co, two banks that have come back to be mandated in the privatization of ADP (Paris Airport). We recall in passing that Emmanuel Macron was manager of Banque Rothschild from 2008 to 2012.

We will also like to remind you that four years ago, on May 25, 2015, Emmanuel Macron, then Minister of the Economy and Finance, visiting the industrial site Energy and Transport had assured that "Belfort had an industrial future "(sic) We understand the anger of local elected officials and employees.

The state scandal seems to be looming on the horizon which has already allowed several observers to say that the sinking of Alstom could well cause that of Emmanuel Macron.

Case to follow ...

Clara Mitchell for DayNewsWorld