The Prime Minister wanted reassurance on the construction site of the retreats. But hardly lost, three days after the unprecedented strike of the RATP agents of other categories beat the pavement this Monday, September 16 in Paris, between Opera and Nation to oppose the reform.

"For the first time in the social history of this country, lawyers, healthcare professionals and employees of the air transport together will march together to denounce the project of capturing without summation of their autonomous retirement plans," he said. the collective "SOS Retraites" created by these professions to defend the specificity of their schemes.

At the forefront of the mobilization is the National Council of Bars (CNB): this event is coupled with a strike hearings with almost all 164 French bars "mobilized" according to the Conference of the bâtonniers. Almost everywhere, the lawyers decided not to plead any case and to request the referral of the lawsuits.

These "unprofessional" professions go out on the streets to defend their "self-governing" retirement systems against the "universal system" desired by the executive. "The common point is that each of us has autonomous plans," says Ghislaine Sicre, president of Convergence Nurse (CI).

The "universal system" promised by the head of state must indeed result in a sharp rise in contributions "that many of us can not support," she says. regimes that are all bound to merge, in the long run, into the universal system promised by Mr. Macron.

This scenario involves a "collection of reserves" accumulated by the various funds involved with significant sums involved. At lawyers, it is two billion euros. As for the Carpimko - the fund of paramedical professions - the amounts amounted to 3.4 billion "We do not want a hold-up takes place," says the president of CI.

Moreover for several professions the contribution rate could be higher for less pension: thus lawyers to whom it should double. Similarly in paramedical professions where contributions are expected to increase by fourteen points which will bring the rate of load to 60%. To Mrs. Sicre to conclude "In the end, there will be more punctures for less pensions. "

To curb the nascent revolt, High Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye will meet "by October 15" the representatives of the 42 regimes will be extinguished, to "draw up an inventory" and "set a timetable of work ".

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld