On the evening of April 13, Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the strictest confinement until May 11. Date on which “progressive” deconfinement should start to take place, with respect for civic responsibility and that the progression of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic will be halted.

May 11 is a goal

The horizon of May 11 to begin a gradual deconfinement is a date to "conquer by respecting confinement", said this Tuesday April 14 Interior Minister Christophe Castaner

“May 11 is a target date.

What the President of the Republic announced yesterday, it is not the deconfinement on May 11, it is the confinement until May 11 ", underlined on France Inter Christophe Castaner reminding the French the" discipline "q who must prevail while respecting confinement

"It is necessary not to project ourselves by saying May 12, it is the month of May and we do what we please and well no, we will have to keep fighting," continued the minister.

Resumption of classes

Jean-Michel Blanquer, for his part, indicated that all the students will not return to school, or classes, "at the same time".

"It is out of the question to have crowded classes in this situation," he said, adding: "We can only imagine small groups. "

Without further details, which will have to be provided by the deconfinement plan to be unveiled within the fortnight, the Minister of National Education simply implied that vocational high schools could be led to resume classes first.

Summer vacation ...

Asked several times about the prospects for deconfinement in this or that area, for example departures on summer holidays abroad, Christophe Castaner stressed that there was "no precise answer at the time" when he was aimed at journalists and listeners.

"I would advise my family not to rush on reservations especially in foreign countries", he only commented, before adding elliptical: "I think there will be summer holidays" .

Longer containment for the most vulnerable

"We will ask the most vulnerable, the elderly with severe disabilities, people with chronic diseases, to stay, even after May 11, confined at least initially," said the President of the Republic , but without specifying who can be described as "vulnerable".

Tests on people with symptoms

Emmanuel Macron has promised that as of May 11, "anyone with symptoms" of Covid-19 can be tested.

The next day, Christophe Castaner added that the possibility of tests for the entire population had been ruled out. "It is necessary to do the tests when there is a risk, he insisted. On the other hand, to imagine that we test all the French every day would perhaps be something that could answer media expectations, but that doesn't meet medical expectations. "

Asked about the interest of systematic tests of the whole population, many carriers of SARS-CoV-2 being asymptomatic, Christophe Castaner took refuge behind the fact that these tests "were not necessarily reliable".

Seen from abroad, we are worried by so many incompetences and lies.

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld