A visibility of a few hours. After the lack of masks, beds and respirators, caregivers alerted to the shortage of drugs.

In Moselle, this is already a reality. Morphine, curares, propofol…

For certain essential treatments in intensive care, "the reserves are between twenty-four hours and five days", alert 10 elected Moselleans of all stripes in a letter sent yesterday to the Minister of Health.

After the transfer of six patients from Metz to Toulouse today, they make two requests:

1 ° Revise the quota of medicines, to restock the Great East;

2 ° Operate new patient transfers to less affected French regions.

"We need national solidarity," insisted Les Républicains member Fabien Di Filippo, who signed this letter. It is a way of saying to the rest of France:

"Don't abandon the Moselle! ' but also 'Get ready! ".

Yesterday, while Edouard Philippe conceded "very strong tensions" on TF1, a decree authorized the use of drugs intended for veterinary use.

To believe that the French health system is out of breath !

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld