The Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced, Thursday, May 28, 2020, new measures decontainment. This second phase, which runs between June 2 and June 22, allows the French to find more freedom. The presence of the disease is indeed declining on the national territory. "The results are good in terms of health", announced Edouard Philippe, even if he specified that it was not necessary to be casual to avoid any risk, the virus continuing to circulate and new clusters forming.

But for Edouard Philippe the urgency, from now on, is economic: the country will have to face a historic recession, announces the Prime Minister.

The new map of departments

No more departments are in red, but the orange of the first presentations is making a comeback. "Today, all indicators are green, with the notable exception of Val d'Oise and Mayotte," said Edouard Philippe. The news is "good", but not good enough for "everything to be normal". The departments of Île-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte are the three areas where the virus circulates more than elsewhere so that the deconfinement will be more "careful than in the rest of the territory".

Reopening of bars, cafes and restaurants

1 ° Restaurants, bars and cafes can reopen from June 2.

2 ° People who have chosen to have lunch together can meet up to 10 at the most. Each table must be separated by one meter.

3 ° Wearing a mask is compulsory for customers who travel and for staff.

4 ° In bars, standing consumption will be prohibited to avoid grouping.

5 ° In the orange departments, only the terraces may open on June 2.

6 ° Parks and gardens will reopen Beaches and museums will also be reopened. Wearing a mask will be mandatory, says Édouard Philippe.

7 ° In the green zones, theaters, gymnasiums, sports halls and leisure parks will reopen on June 2.

8 ° In the orange zones, theaters, gymnasiums, sports halls and leisure parks will reopen on June 22.

9 ° Cinemas will reopen everywhere on June 22.

But contact sports, nightclubs or gatherings in covered places will remain prohibited.

Travel ban lifted in France

In Europe, France is in favor of reopening the borders of Europe without a fortnight. For the time being, the country's borders remain closed, except for French nationals who will be able to return to the country. Outside Europe, borders remain closed.

Measures for national education

The Minister of Education intervened to speak about the reopening d . at school. In phase 2 all schools will be opened, announced Mr. Blanquer. "All schools must offer a welcome for families", up to a maximum of 15 students per class.

As for the colleges, 95.5% of the colleges were opened in the green zone. In phase 2, in the green zone, all classes will resume, from 6th to 3rd. In the orange zone, pupils in grades 6 and 5 will be given priority. The health program is maintained and “sport, culture and civics” courses will be offered.

Regarding high schools, in the green zone, all high schools will open on June 2 (general, technological and professional), at least on one of the three levels, at technological and professional appreciation), at least on one of the three levels, at the discretion of the principals. In the orange zone, only professional high schools open. Students from technological and vocational high schools can have recourse to individual interviews.

StopCovid app

Edouard Philippe did not fail to recall the supposed interest of StopCovid, voted the day before. The mobile application, he says, is not a "magic weapon against the epidemic", but an instrument to fight the epidemic more effectively.

It will be available on June 2, for the second phase of deconfinement, said Édouard Philippe.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld