After the revelation of François-Michel I go home. I do not know if I will recover from all these revelations. Glasses snake loves me and the worst is that it seems so sincere. Smaller remark beautiful mom seems to like me as a smart woman she understood that I was there for nothing for nothing.

It seems that for once everything is good for Mia because I love it too. I can not wait for my lover to call me. I'm on my pink cloud my anxieties over forgotten in the closet. I go home I have a job that I love I love my apartment and a future love YESSSS.

I enter the elevator and then wait for me to go up with you. Horror misfortune it's the neighbor who slid in my bathroom the beautiful body with chocolate bars. Why I have not taken the stairs !!! It's true that I still have five hundred grams to lose to have a dream body.

Ok I confess to stop laughing four five kilos on the scale to be able to close my favorite trousers.

And there, bingo begins the discussion.Lui: Are you all right?

I have not met you for a long time. And he continues I do not know if I have to tell you or you because after ... There, I cut him off. In my brain my neurons tell me after the fuck you did with him ... I answer him by telling him you so that he quickly understand that I put some distance with him.

Me: Yes, see you right now at the office I have a lot of late work records to no longer knowing what to do it's that do you understand the responsibilities. Him: I do not know too much because for me it's different I am heir to a business portfolio, I have a CEO who supervises everything and I can devote myself to surfing.

I travel a lot in the world because I am more concerned with my associations for disadvantaged children. Phew the elevator opens his doors he arrived at home I throw him to a next time with a smile of angel. Well let's analyze the neighbor first a little pretentious poor little son to dad what saves him is the story of children.

But hey we still have not introduced I know it's a stallion that we are sexually compatible but that's it. Well, I go home and my phone rings. It's François-Michel in person. I'm excited I listen with a look ..... he asks me for a dinner tomorrow night just him and me.

I accept, I'm all back, I think I'm in love. Alicia who was in the living room with me, asks me who makes me all honey like that. I tell him. There, she advises me to run a little to make him more in love. Alicia: If he really loves you he'll be waiting for you. Then she bursts out laughing, saying to me imagine Mia you marry her you have a child. The child of Ex-Boss will be the uncle of yours it's funny.

She was right I forgot the embarrassing situation of my roommate and Ex-Boss.They will happen to make me lose the love of my life. Because I remember very well the revelations of the seer that I marry my boss. And who was my boss before?

Won and yes Snake in Glasses who is no other François-Michel.

One thing that reassures me is that I will never end up in love with his father because he is in hand. Although I find it a little silly a baby at his age! In short, I think we are all born with a destiny traced mine is the following: François-Michel + Mia = Love.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld