From now on I decided not to take the lift of the building except for a small reminder that I live in the penthouse. That's right I'm preparing a dream body for youpi new year.

I play sports free.

Well, the truth just the truth is that I'm ashamed to meet the neighbor with a dream body and a little reminder with whom ...

It's after the story Mia you have to go ahead. I work tirelessly thinking about my future with a future lover. In addition, at this moment I am in situations baskets of crabs.

We must not forget that I have the situation of Ex-Boss to manage.

Because he is only a man.

And yes he does not even have the courage to go talk to his wife.

To tell him that you know I put myself with a woman younger than François-Michel and more cherry on the cake she is pregnant. Our son is going to have a little brother or sister.

No, instead he gave me a letter to give him, making me promise to give him this mail in his own hands and not to read it before. He kindly pointed out to me that it was my role as future godmother. On this I made an appointment with my future mother-in-law who I thought for a coffee.

I arrive to deliver my mail which I doubt is not a love letter and there I see Glasses Snake sitting next to his mother. He's already starting to attack me, my father is not with you. I answer one not timidly because I doubt what is in the famous letter.

Future beautiful mom sees me embarrassed and even a little shaky she replies: Leave Mia alone. If she's here it's because your father is cowardly and makes him do his dirty work. He has always worked like that he can not do anything himself.

Is not it Mia for my birthday Valentine's day it was you who was chore gifts. On this beautiful speech I give him the letter.

She opens it directly and there reads. No reaction on his face.

She folds the sheet and asks me if I want a chocolate or a coffee.

Then she kisses me and gently tells me that I was a maid of honor for giving me this letter.

His son and I look at each other without knowing what to say because we do not know what it contains.

When he comes out of the cafe, he hugs me and whisper in my ear I love you .....

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