I sit down at table with them. And here we start a discussion. And what conversation do we go from letter A to letter Z.
Let's start with the letter A, I'm out I'm not the mistress of Ex-Boss, but I do not admit it's my roommate.

The song says never admit never .... Letter B learns that Ex-Boss wants to divorce. But he has become crazy he does not want to marry and have children! No, but I'm dreaming upright I even failed to choke on this new piece of bread, this meal is actually a settlement or a source of negative revelation.

Letter C my future mother-in-law I thought because I thought I had a romantic dinner then sex with her son on chocolate bars with a happy end I love you too and they got married and had a lot of children. And, no it's a semi-trial but what did you do to my husband ...

But letter D I catch my breath and I put on my boxing gloves I'm not going to endorse any Eia arrives in the ring "I think that if your son and Gloria had not gently put your husband at the door he would still work at home. And no, at home '".

There she begins to approve and set her sights on Snake Glasses. He begins to fight him looking at us, sipping quietly his glass of champagne. I think in my head to you now my love to find answers, we listen to you darling. Francois-Michel takes the word without getting upset:

But if we are there it is neither my fault nor that of Gloria. But yours. Me: What are you a little swollen, right? He: It's not home. At home and not at home next to his best wife, does it seem to me? And because he wants to help his favorite in the work ???

Letter F I will not let myself be like that you want to make a lawsuit ok we left I went back. Me: Well you want to talk frankly. He: yes we are all yes.

Sorry, mother, but you will take your grade too. I'm going for it. Me: Well I fully agree with you he helps me for my work and teaches me every day the tricks of the trade. BUT I want to clarify I say it loudly it was you Madam who had pushed outside of your home. Every day you blamed him that he helped me and he did nothing for your little baby François-Michel, is not it? But vote son does not want him home, you get to print that?

Oops, I was a little strong if I want to be one day his beautiful girl I must soften. Glasses snake glares at me I was a little hard I think. He begins to speak badly to me. There comes the letter Z I can not stand it's the happy end of the conversation.

Me: But if I remember correctly you did not ask him a deal or he stops helping me for work and he stays at home or the second solution he chose is to support me but there you kicked him out, did not you?

François-Michel shouts: But what is this story?

I get up and I take my clicks and my clack and I tell them with my best smile I let you settle your business with your family. Good night

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld