A memorable evening with my three ex. Good atmosphere was relaxed because there was Alicia. The small problem was that François-Michel was present and his father was also present. As well as his future wife they decided once the divorce pronounced to marry.

I just hope he's not going to say it tonight if not the mood. Alicia leads the conversation dance and the alcohol relaxes. When I go to get another bottle of champagne, Philippe follows me. He congratulates me for my reward and with his air gentleman tells me that it is not for me to wear the bottle or open it more said he laughing '' Mia you do not want to serve you a cup either all alone''.

He gently kissed my forehead and said you're still so attractive. There, I wonder why I left him he was quite considerate romantic. But I'm going ahead I want a new guy.

Yes I have a bonus so a new guy would be nice one who thinks that I was always a working girl not a bitch who played her beautiful legs and compliments to get everything she wanted from her Ex-Boss. We return to the right moment in the living room where François-Michel takes me in his arms, saying congratulations, my dear Mia. I am proud of myself. I am the queen of the evening.

I think bravo Mia you're the best in your work that touches me even Serpent à Lunettes recognizes my merits in the world of work. He speaks again, telling me you understand Mia me I refused. I think he refused what, his father would have offered him his place at my side to come out with his son.

François-Michel wakes me from my thoughts by kissing me on the cheeks. Then he adds "You understand Mia I learned that you will be the godmother of my so-called half-brother.I can not play godfather it would be more than we play the lovers and more.You think that after this betrayal of you our relationship ...

Alicia laughs: Do you think you had a special relationship with our Mia?

Let's see you do not remember that while Mia sucked your cock she was doing parallel licking pussy. Philippe raises the discussion so Mia you like the threesome. There, I begin to justify myself in front of everyone. Then we speak again of everything and nothing.

I admit that I am laughing well.

We are all a little frivolous with bottles. The end of the evening arrives and Philippe slips me in the ear you come finish the evening at home to celebrate your premium.

With this goujat ever of life I will not play the shrew but there I do not owe him anything anymore. Alicia who understands very quickly the subject of the private conversation, comes to my rescue.

She begins to speak for me. Go there Mia Philippe, however, one night with Mia you back to five thousand dollars. Him: What Alicia does not believe it's free you're not a great shot either so no gift.

End of discussion.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld