We arrive near the jacuzzi and this is the first step to remove his sarong because I remind you that below we are naked .....

Come on Mia plays the cool throw your sarong and hop in the water.

Inside couples are embracing embrace there is a strange atmosphere.

I see Alicia throwing herself on his so-called prince charming and kissing her with his tongue. My neighbor Mickael pulls me against him and whispers in my ear brings your nice little ass to me otherwise you may have problems.

On these sweet words my hand comes out of the water to slap it he catches it in flight.

And retort me is not afraid Mia of me. Read the sign behind you, I always respect the rules. I turn around and read on a big forbidden sex sign as well as blowjobs in the jacuzzi.

Yes it does not reassure me too much I may be ideas I had the impression with the bubbles to feel several times hands on my backside.

Alicia launches: Friends you do not want to go out I'm getting cold I would go to a sauna. I get up straight saying great idea I grab my towel and roll me in. The boys follow us. I confess I began to get cold and I'm pretty sure the little mustache touched my butt. We must always be wary of the mustache, small men because their complex is revealed in their shorts.

Again it is necessary to put naked it is true that generally the sauna is never dressed. A charming hostess gives us towels to sit inside to prevent germs I take advantage of it I do like my cousin I wrap it around my waist and I like that the low part protected you never know if mustachio landed !!!

We go back four and there Mickael finally told me the relaxation now I ask you Mia the saint will go a little closet me I made a meal with your parents.

By saying that I think this guy is a gougeât it is really not the prince charming he wants my tongue in his mouth he will have it.

I would have to eat before garlic bread and not brush my teeth. I make her a hypocritical smil and I'm Alicia's step. There, I come home it is hot another couple and there. They are polite and greet us kindly.

We are all six. Alicia tells me go to us to play she pulls on the towel of his so-called man and in his mouth it is no longer the language of his prince charming she has but his .... It's idiot begins to moaning is embarrassing.

The couple next looks and horror girl goes there too and these dudes make the competition moan.

Mickaël at that moment said to me I'm waiting for your sweet mouth Mia.

So with my air a little glamorous I answer him do not go too fast very expensive I kiss him full on the mouth. I think it's a good start.

He takes my hand and puts it on his penis hard...

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