Back in New York I resume work routine with no debt game but an acknowledgment to my neighbor from below.

Alicia loved Christmas with her aunt and uncle. I even feel like she has fallen in love!

I am waiting for the evening for a discussion with my dear cousin.

She finally arrives with great shopping bags.

I ask her if she comes from the office.

She looks at me with her big eyes and laughs.

She answers me but no longer needs Gloria is completely in love with her and in addition she has passed her blue card for unlimited shopping.

I suggest that we take in love an appetizer to know his feelings on the beautiful kid.

She tells me that man or woman she does not care what interests him it's just the financial benefits.

She proudly announces that she is an escort girl.

There, I answer him no it is not possible!

And she: Mia nowadays we have to live with her time. The world is driven by sex.

You tell his Messieurs that they have a beautiful sex that gives you pleasure that you dream of him and voila.

She overbid ..... but I ask him nothing stop. You see Mia they all love the blowjob and all tell me that I have a gift for that

If you want, I'll teach you. I answer him no no I'm going to focus on my files.

She answers ok but we have just a massage that we owe to young people. Oh yes, I forgot but not at all.

I ask her how to get dressed again she laughs. A licia:

You know we're not going to a restaurant or a gallant party. Personally I will put on a jogging tennis and a good down jacket because after it is always cold after the steam bath sauna and no make up because otherwise it flows. Well, I'm going to get ready because we have to join them the uber is programmed.

It's weird my neighbor he could not leave with us.

We arrive they are waiting for us in front of the spa. My neighbor slips into my ear: do not be afraid I'll hold your hand. He takes me for whom the girl of the countryside who lives with the cows !!! I may have spent my childhood there but I am not completely nil I became a real girl of the city.

We return is beautiful scenery of the tropics we are directed to lockers men and women. There we are handed a pink pareo with a pink bath towel a small bracelet with a pocket and our keys.

It's funny but I think I'm going to love we start by finding the boys who wear their pareos around the waist.

Well I forgot to say the only thing about this spa is that it is naturist where we are naked naked underneath.

I can not help but look at my neighbor's muscular body he has chocolate bars.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld