I'm happy I'm going back to the ceremony with my cousin Alicia on my pussy written idea that I love- Close.

Fortunately it is an ephemeral product because I imagine very well to blow with my teeth my beautiful string Victoria Secret by my future love or see better my future husband with Close.

Finally comes the evening of the awards I look forward because it worries me rather than make me euphoric. My whole team is excited, I just want to save myself.

The advantage is that I go there with my neighbor the beautiful Apollo. Philippe is on time, he is really handsome in his tuxedo.

He looks at me and tells me that I can be feminine when I want it. I look him straight in the eyes and I make him a pretty smile.

Because in my head I wanted to treat him with all the names. But good evening will pass quickly I knew that I did not want to go there.

We are there I have my table with all my friends and the next table and that of Snake Glasses and Gloria. Imagine the wonderful atmosphere at my table there is the father of François-Michel with my girlfriend pregnant seven months so with a stomach that does not hide knowing that it is still not divorced.

Cherry on the cake Ex-Boss offers his son to listen to his little brother or little sister through the belly

There, I do not even explain the early evening cold see frosty. Well the tone of the evening is given. Philippe just to annoy my neighbor table could not help but kiss me.

The meal is held while the prices are given.

Arrive my appointment, there my table is all alert and I hear that Gloria who has a talent that is recognized by the whole profession of being a shark in the trade is nominated too.

I do not feel comfortable I want to flee in addition this c ... François-Michel gives me a good luck because I need it and he adds it does not matter to be ridiculous.

At this precise moment at the opening of the envelope it is called Philippe. I wonder why it is he who will give the prize to Daddy's son who understands nothing in business except his surfboards.

There he begins to make a speech that it is an honor to award this blah blah price that lasts at least ten minutes. Then he says that he will give the prize to his director, who has always supported him.

From where Gloria and I look at each other we know that neither of us are going to receive the prize.

There he announces the price and I intend to reason my name. I get up with surprise he's the bigg boss.

As she passes Gloria's table she tells me it helps to sleep with the boss.

I am totally lost....

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld