So here I am, faced with a sumptuous bouquet and in addition with the gaze of Philippe who looks at me. So I suspect that these flowers do not come from him. I throw myself on the little note that accompanies it. I feel that Philippe is dying to ask me who is the author of this bouquet. And there, he cracks and can not help asking me who is the frozen lover and in addition he asks me if he knows him. I know that he directly thinks that it is François-Michel.

And I answer him with immense pleasure that no he doesn't know him and that it is a man who is starting to chase me. But he is a future prince charming, he is very considerate with me. I do not see myself telling him that he is an acquaintance of Alicia so he is really not a prince charming he was even if I admit a little gougeât with me. It is for this reason that I do not recall it. I don't even want to thank him.

I go back to working on the files I have and then arrive at the end of the day. Philippe at the end of the day offers to come back with him, I accept. I welcome I become sociable it is a good point for the new year. So we share a taxi and yes today I gave my driver leave because the poor man helped me enormously for the arrival of the baby from the house.

There we chat like two longtime friends. He tells me that he is happy with the baby's arrival and he proudly announces that he was the one chosen as padrino. I don't know why he announces it to me in Italian. I say that it's funny, I'm the godmother.

So, I think in addition to the work of our neighborhood we will often be together together we will end up like Bonnie and Clyde.

Philippe: Mia you don't want to go to a restaurant this evening so that we can celebrate our partnership for this baby. He has these words partnership no matter what.

Stay polite Mia don't say anything is not going to tell her your thought, breathe deeply then make her your prettiest smile while trying not to be commercial. It's funny I admit that having it on my back all day it annoys me slightly. I answer him: With pleasure but tonight and tomorrow I am taken. In fact it is not true but to be desired and in my new resolutions. This new year is the year of changes so I absolutely have to resolve it.

Philippe: Great, I take care of booking a restaurant, do you trust me Mia ?

I answer him as long as it is not the ambiance of his spa everything suits me. We arrive at the bottom of our building and entering the concierge jumps on me : Miss Mia. I do. The concierge proudly hands me a bouquet of red roses.

Me: Thank you ... The concierge: It is beautiful this bouquet, red roses it is the symbol of love.

To this Philippe adds: Yes at this point there, it is no longer love. What did you do to that poor boy.

Me: Nothing is a romantic.

Philippe: I know to cover you like that with a gift is that it is ugly pimply with big glasses with a big belly.

I laugh. I turn to Philippe and with a tigress look I tenderly caress her cheek. And I said to him gently :

My little darling, you would not be slightly jealous. He retorts as quickly: Anything. You do what you want with your love life.

Finally in the elevator. He goes downstairs then I finally get home. I can't wait to read the little note attached to the roses. It says: Mia, I don't know if you received the flowers at your desk, from where I allow myself to send you a bouquet to your home.

There I call him to thank him. Hello your flowers are beautiful they smell too good. Him: Nothing to do with your wild beauty. Mia I only think of you tell me when I can see you again please miss me to a point.

With his beautiful speech I might think that he is a future fiancé but Mia does not forget that he is just a client and for him you are only a distraction. I quickly consult my agenda I suggest Saturday night because I admit I know that Alicia will be out and in addition ex-boss will not be back. He is very happy and tells me that I will not regret it.

Here is a week program made two evenings to rest Friday evening in the restaurant after direct work with Philippe so early return home and Saturday night and then Sunday morning. Life is not beautiful !!!!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld