So I meet Philippe who comes to see the newborn like all of us. It always makes me the head but as I am in the year 20/20 I positive. I leave to others the sulkiness etc ... "do not make head but make love" this is the new motto of Mia. Then I come back at full speed on my steps because I want to show snake with glasses and my neighbor that I have changed that I make fun of their puerile reflection reaction.

From where I make a smock with snake with glasses under the eyes of Philippe then while François-Michel begins to strut I roll a peel to Philippe. Then I leave, leaving behind two heads of goldfish. Direction the office to close some files especially that I have ex-boss which it is normal took a week for the arrival of her pretty baby. Thinking about this with Alicia we decided to decorate the apartment for the return of the happy parents. I finished quite early. I am going to buy helium balloons plus cushions a blue carpet with lots of white blue fluff a small white cabinet of blue stickers.

Alicia took care of the cradle changing table bedside lamp with a table. Yes, because while the parents are at the clinic we will surprise them that this pretty baby will have his room. We emptied the dining room then threw table chairs etc ... because in fact with my cousin we noticed that this room is the dead room of the house at the beginning we wanted to make it a secret room with naughty equipment a bed to canopy with mirror on whip ceiling etc ... but with a child at home more possible to realize our fantasies it does not matter we will do them elsewhere. In fact the relevant remark is that either we have dinner sitting on the sofa jogging out of the bath facing the TV. Either in the kitchen which is huge with a table d'hôte. The caretaker helps us and in less than three hours we have a baby's room so sweaty.

Suddenly Alicia offers to go and celebrate. I gladly answer her and run to get ready to party. Alicia tells me to be ready in an hour because our Uber is waiting for us downstairs in an hour. Leaving the house we meet our neighbor below in the elevator.

Philippe: Mia, you don't want to come and have a drink at home to talk a little.

Alicia replies in my place:

Philippe opens his eyes a little or else you need to quickly buy yourself a pair of glasses. We did not dress in this way to have a drink in an apartment no we go to the last trendy restaurant which opened on the fifth the Peruvian. Him: Yes, I heard about it, but beware girls there are more than an hour in line even if you have booked.

Alicia: You're too cute to worry about us. But we are invited by the owners we have dinner with them. Him: I understand they are guns but two daddy's daddy sons as you like Mia. I take it in my teeth and I didn't have time to open my mouth. Wouldn't he be a little jealous? Phew the elevator opens its doors we salute it cheerfully.

In the Uber I ask my cousin for details. She tells me that we are going to have a good evening. In addition, these beautiful kids will reimburse us for the child's room. So I understand that we are not going to do humanitarian work.

We arrive in the restaurant we are treated as VIP. Alicia did not lie to me they are beautiful kids. During the meal it is a super good as a cuisine I did not know but in addition we laugh like four friends who have known each other for ages. Then the last drink arrives at their place and there our paths each take a different direction and there I start to stress a little. I arrive at my blow of an evening he noticed that I was not at ease and wonders if it is the first time.

I answer nothing. And there he treats me more as a VIP, but as a champagne princess, a romantic fire. Then he rubs his back on my breath in my neck and I admit it starts to excite me. Then little by little we start to undress and our bodies intertwine in two three movements we find ourselves on the pile carpet making love next to the fireplace and he asks me all the time if it is okay if I take of pleasure he is a prince to the end. Once finished he gives me a plaid so that I am not cold my glass of champagne and kisses me tenderly.

I feel so good that I hold him tight and he shouts at me I love you profusely. Arrive the hour or I must leave it he explains to me that he gave Alicia the money because for him this transaction is not easy. I dare not tell him that if it was me I would have asked nothing because I spent a divine moment especially when he delicately sucked my cock by sliding his tongue deep into my vagina which streamed profusely.

I ask him when we are going to meet again and there it is the cold shower he politely replies that it is he who chooses the day and especially the girl. In less than a second this prince charming in my eyes becomes the worst gougeas. Alicia had however explained it to me for these guys we are the object the fantasy of one evening. But I am improving I answer him with a smile and a positive thought of course my darling you are the customer so you are the king.

In fact coming back early in my Uber I think positive I had a good dinner I laughed with friends I enjoyed like crazy and in addition I received a gift it is not great life.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld