After the beautiful speech of my mother I am a little demoralized.

This woman can never make a compliment.

Her only goal is that I get married to the son of one of her friends that I love her or that it is drinkable to her because she is the hopeless bachelor. I am the ugly duckling of the family.

Of course my youngest sister is married and besides she has four adorable children she was a size thirty eight and passed a little fifty two yes fifty two I always wonder at the family meal how it does not break the chair!

She spends her time in the kitchen between the stoves and the machines. She knows all the television series among other things at home during family reunions the topic of discussion revolves around what happened in the last episode. My mother always asks me at that time if I know and I always answer no.

And here as an answer I always look at the table that answers me duet to good it's weird.

Yes, I am just the extraterrestrial of the family. I have just promised myself that in my new resolutions the next family meal so soon as happens thanksgiving at a great speed.

I will speak loudly so that one does not ask me then the question then it is for when the marriage then comes then it is necessary to press you to make children because your biological clock turns after you know you will not be able any more it will be too late then hold the son of the neighbor is single.

I'm going to put the points on the Iiiii once and for all saying me making love does not interest me so I love to kiss with one or two men at a time or with a woman it's sensual too and I I'm going to tell them so that he understands to stop asking me the question of marriage to imagine the pleasure when the man takes me and that I suck the other or the fun part when I gently suck the breast of another woman I will even suggest to my little sister to try like that she will know the real life which is other than that of the series.

And for children I will explain that in a few months I will become a godmother so I could practice without having the disadvantages of becoming hysterical like my sister and ending up discolored hair rotten nails rotted by stress.

And in addition she still has the stains of a rest baby mash that decorate her clothes. That's more, that day, I'll come with my cousin Alicia and we will put the package we will dress in working girl. On this I'm going back to work I'm proud of myself, my journey. Mia has grown up and is doing what she wants when she wants.

It's the working girl of modern times.

I meet the handsome Philippe in the elevator I'm laughing alone he asks me why. I just answer that I'm just happy.Luckily he does not read in my head because in fact I wonder in which box to put in box nice kid or box sex toy or box boss.

Leaving the elevator I shout good day.

Philippe shouted at me we see each other ......

I did not give him time to finish this is the life of a working girl.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld