I comfort myself by telling myself that I must still have the level to have received a reward due to my work.
When I think about it I made myself I learned on the job.

I confess that for once I'm pretty proud of myself I can finally write in my diary interesting work found and I repeat it with a golden globe on the plus poster in magazines I wonder if in a few days of people will ask me in the street for autographs like Brad Pitt.

I imagine very well Mia Mia I can take a selfie with you.

The class, no?

If at last my dear mother could be proud of me just once. In addition I have a working girl job but in addition to a CEO apartment please I want to write it black on white.

And in this apartment I made a family by adoption or my best friends. In this loft there is never a problem that solutions of improvised dinners where we have crises of laughter to be pee in the pants.

And we will soon welcome a new born we are '' be good ''. Then I no longer use sex toys and yes now I take live models that I throw at my convenience.

Yes the little old Mia no longer exists is the Mia no Mia the conqueror is there!

Even my own scale tells me youpi I'm doing a little 28 with please a D cup in front of the little ups-down tight fitting dresses.

Yes I am at the top my wardrobe is stowed by colors the shoes by heels height. The handbags are all prettier than the others. My phone rings that makes me go back to earth.

Ha it's my sweet mother yes she's going to congratulate me it's good for once so I decide to answer him and not to drop it directly on the answering machine which is '' Hello you are on the phone of Mia I I am unfortunately absent but I would have a joy a pleasure to remind you if I want it or not hi ''.

I admit it's my personal number not that of the company which explains the lack of professionalism but hey I did not say even if I wanted it I did not say: if it's a guy I remind him following these performances in bed I am nice.

So: Hello Mom are you okay?

She: Yes darling I wanted to tell you I saw you on magazines. It's awesome.

Me: Thank you mom the photos may not be to my advantage but ...

She: But if Mia me personally I show them to all my neighbors to the pastor to my tradesmen.

There at this moment I finally tell myself my Mom is proud of me. I was waiting so much for this day to come. Well I start listening to him I had dropped a little of the conversation.

And here I ask him to repeat his last sentence.

And I repeat to her but I do not believe my ears you're happy because I'm in photo on magazines where you can get me a husband because as you just told me I'm an old girl and it starts to weigh yourself against your neighbors who already have a flock of little children.

So here I am forced to hang on to him otherwise I will get upset and tell him impolitely correct words.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld